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Five Of Cups Tarot Card Meaning - A Paradoxical Situation

The Five of Cups tarot card meaning is a really gloomy one. It is about loss, sadness, and abandonment. And more than that, it's about being stuck and defenseless in a place with no aid or hope.

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The Five of Cups tarot card meaningis a really gloomy one. It is about loss, sadness, and abandonment.
And more than that, it's about being stuck and defenseless in a place with no aid or hope.
Typically, the five of cups tarotcard meaning shows a man standing away from the viewer while donning a gloomy black cloak.
He is too focused on the three spilt cups in front of him to see the two full and upright cups that are just behind him.
He has a melancholy aura and is obsessed with his losses. He won't be able to get it back ever again.
He is so preoccupied with his grief and loss that he is unaware of the opportunities and fresh start that are just waiting for him.
This card comes up when it's ready to proceed. You must go through the stages of loss and grief in order to go on with your life.
Feel your pain, then start afresh by making atonement to God, the people you lost, and yourself.
This card may also indicate major problems in a union that will cause it to dissolve or cease. Some problems can't be fixed.
It's easier to live off the scraps of what someone else can't (or won't) provide you than to face reality and go on.

General Meaning Of The Five Of Cups

In the Five of Cups tarot card, three cups fall to the ground. The hooded guy concentrates on the spilled wine of life instead of the two full cups behind him.
Someone seems to be feeling sorry for himself. However, a closer look at the Five of Cups tarot card meaning tells a somewhat different story.
This situation occurs on a stage at a theatre. This suggests that you are watching a psychological process rather than an actual event.
The male is inspecting the liquid that has spilled from the cups while wearing a long black robe.
You can't see his expression, so it's hard to tell if he's regretting them or thinking about them in the Five of Cups.
Since the liquid pouring from the bottom cup of these glasses is green, there was no wine in them.
Just like current Ayurvedic practitioners do today, medieval medical doctors had the same belief that illnesses are caused by an imbalance of the components in the human body.
In medieval medicine, these compounds were known as humor and were associated with the hues of red (blood), green (phlegm), yellow (choler), and blue (melancholy) (black).
Those who are sanguine are ardent, those who are phlegmatic are relaxed, those who are choleric are erratic and prone to screaming, and those who are melancholy are withdrawn and depressed.
A Woman Reading the Cards on the Table
A Woman Reading the Cards on the Table

Upright Five Of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

How many negative emotions can one card represent? Quite a few, in the case of the Five of Cups! In a broad sense, the Five of Cups Tarot card meaning might represent sorrow, loss, loneliness, and despair.
When the five of cups appear on the tarot card, it means that you are focusing on the negative. This may be the result of a trauma or a negative life change you have undergone.
The Five of CupsThis card could represent heartbreak, separation, or divorce. If you've just suffered a loss, the Five of Cups, which represents mourning and sadness, is another card that regularly shows up.
This card, which carries emotional baggage and is unstable, may symbolize strong regret, remorse, fury, sadness, or disappointment.
The Minor Arcana card of abandonment might represent your own abandoning of priorities or significant othersin your life or the abandonment of a loved one.
It could also be a symptom of loneliness or seclusion. The Five of Cups tarot card meaning really contains a positive message underneath it despite all the possible negative interpretations.
Two of the cups are still standing, but the individual depicted on the card is grieving for the spilled ones while doing so.
This serves as a reminder that no matter how gloomy things may seem, there is always a bright side.

Upright Five Of Cups Tarot Love Meaning

If you're single and the Five of Cups occurs in a love Tarot deck, it might indicate that you're experiencing sadness or despair about a prior relationship that didn't work out.
You may feel as though "The One" slipped through your fingers and become impervious to other people's motives as a result of your sense of loss.
Also possible are feelings of overwhelming guilt, regret, or remorse.
Maybe due to mistakes you made in a prior relationship. The five of cups is a card of grief as well, therefore it may represent the death of a close relative or friend.
If you've recently lost a significant partner and are too heartbroken to even consider dating anyone, the Five of Cups may be an indication that you're trying to distance yourself from people.
If you don't feel like dating, that's all right. To avoid alienating yourself, though, keep your focus on the here and now and try to remain calm.
If you need help, surround yourself with supportive individuals or join a support group.
Love is still in your future, even though you are not yet ready for it. If you are in a relationship, the Five of Cups is not a positive omen as it might indicate a split, divorce, or separation.
Given that you could still be harboring feelings for an ex, it might also be an indication that you are not emotionally totally committed to your current relationship.
If so, if you want your current relationship to work, you must fight to get over these feelings.
The Five of Cups can either represent abandonment or just indicate that your connection is strained due to your fear of being abandoned.

Upright Five Of Cups Tarot In Career

When it comes to a professional situation, the Five of Cups might portend a job loss or a firm collapse.
If you own a business, it might also mean that a partner or staff member quit, that you ceased functioning, or that you gave up on a business concept.
Even if this heralds an unpleasant change in your circumstances, try not to let your fury, frustration, or despair dominate you since there is still something you can learn from it.
Additionally, it could refer to a career as a grief or trauma counselor. The Five of Cups in a financial Tarot spread might indicate a loss of money, so it is not a smart idea to invest or spend money irresponsibly right now.
After a recent loss, the Five of Cups may indicate that you will inherit something.
A Woman With Tarot Cards And Stones On The Floor
A Woman With Tarot Cards And Stones On The Floor

Upright Five Of Cups Tarot Card In Health

The Five of Cups can stand for emotional baggage that causes mental healthissues in a medical setting.
It might represent depression brought on by grief or loss, a propensity to retreat that causes anxietyaround other people or agoraphobia.
Try to reintegrate into society. Start softly, maybe with a quiet cup of coffeewith a trustworthy friend, to gradually reacquaint yourself with the outside world.
If you're having problems, you might find it beneficial to speak with a qualified therapist.

Upright Five Of Cups Tarot Card Spirituality Meaning

The spiritual card known as the Five of Cups says that you may be holding onto feelings of great fury, aggravation, or resentment.
According to the saying, harboring anger is the same as ingesting the poison and looking forward to the other person's destruction.
You must be willing to forgive people who have wronged you in order to move forward spiritually and for your own benefit.
Consider seeking counseling or energy healing if you wish to assist yourself in moving past these emotions.
When you see the individuals who have injured you come to you to apologize for the pain they have caused you in the past, ask the universe to help you forgive them and yourself, as well as to help you let go of the hurt you have been holding onto.

Reversed Five Of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Reversed, the Five of Cups suggests that you recently had a personal setback or letdown. You can feel like a "failure" and not want other people to know you made a mistake.
Or perhaps you're choosing not to express your feelings to others because you're not yet ready. But perhaps this is the appropriate time to start a conversation.
Since people might not be aware of the level of suffering you are now going through, don't be afraid to ask for assistance or to speak with someone you trust.
You could find that doing so lessens your emotional pain. By expressing your feelings to others, you could come to the realization that you can overcome this temporary setback.
If you are feeling guilty or embarrassed about what happened and are blaming yourself for the mistakes you made, the Five of Cups in reverse tells you to forgive yourself and go on. Accept the fact that you tried your best.
You should consider performing the Ho'oponopono forgiveness ritual at this time, which entails apologizing, pleading for forgiveness, giving thanks, and then entering into a state of love.

Reversed Five Of Cups Tarot Love Meaning

It's time to get past the past when the reversed 5 of Cups appears in a reading of the tarot for love. This card signifies moving on in real life through letting go of the past.
If you recently had a breakup, seeing this card could be a lovely sight that inspires you to accept what has occurred and find peace.
With the closing of this chapter in your life, you are making room for a new love to enter your life, one in which you genuinely live in the present and are not evaluating potential new relationships in comparison to your past ones.
That you would still be recovering makes sense. If you allow yourself time and are kind to yourself, you will find happiness again.
If you're already in a relationship, it's possible that you've lately faced challenges. You and your partner should have had the required dialogue to make you feel heard and understood.
Instead of dwelling on the hurts and grudges from the past, concentrate on the future and how the two of you can improve.
Close-Up Shot of a Person Holding Tarot Cards
Close-Up Shot of a Person Holding Tarot Cards

Reversed Five Of Cups Career Meaning

The five cups turned upside down represent recovery. If you have recently gone through one, such as a layoff, job loss, or company collapse, the reversed five cups suggest that you have all you need to go through these challenging times in your profession.
You can now make up for some of your losses. Healing is on the way, and you could find that despite the suffering you had, these setbacks assisted you in obtaining a position that was far more suitable for you.
You could also start to experience less of the stress and anguish you've been experiencing as a result of these problems.

Reversed Five Of Cups Finances Meaning

The five cups in reverse might signify relief and the conclusion of a recent time of financial loss or upheaval.
By overcoming your losses, you can find new paths to financial stability.
You could have invested the leftover money in a worthwhile project, like a business or side hustle, that is increasing your financial stability. Be content with your achievements.

Five Of Cups Yes Or No Tarot Reading

Having reached one of your lowest points in life, the Five of Cups is a card that symbolizes grief, pessimism, and melancholy.
The overwhelming feelings you're experiencing are most likely the result of an unexpected event that drastically altered your life.
Due to its overall negative tone, the Five of Cups always suggests a NO in a yes-or-no inquiry.

Five Of Cups Astrology Meaning

The Five of Cups, which has a close affinity with the Zodiac sign Scorpio, stands for both new beginnings and loss.
It can allude to a time when we must let go of something sentimental in order to make room for something fresh.
Scorpio is ruled by the planets Pluto and Mars, which are highly energizing and powerful.
They represent your ability to harness your inner power to make positive changes in your life and the world.

The Five of Cups Tarot Card

Five Of Cups Tarot Card Meaning Spiritually

Your spiritual adviser is the first person you should seek out if you feel unwanted, abandoned, lost, or betrayed.
Never assume that your problems are the only things that can help you ask better questions, give better answers, or adopt better attitudes.
This might be God, the entire cosmos, Source Energy, or even your wiser future self.
Deep within you, you already have a connection to that manual. Spend some time enhancing your relationship so that you will always have it as a safety net in times of need.
Make a habit of writing down and reviewing your morning gratitude list each evening.
Being grateful for all that your guide has done for you makes it difficult to feel abandoned and disconnected from your soul.

Five Of Cups Tarot One Card Meaning

When you get this card in a One Card Reading, you feel regret, anguish, and sorrow. You struggle to avoid reflecting on what went wrong in the past.
Even though it may be difficult, it is time for you to move on and give your attention to what you do have rather than dwell on your losses.
Tarot Cards Laid out on Red Fabric
Tarot Cards Laid out on Red Fabric

Drawing The Five Of Cups In Tarot Reading

We have finally finished our analysis of the tarot card meaning of the Five of Cups.
Even when everything isn't sunshine and rainbows, keep in mind that there are some reasons to remain optimistic.
Even when everything appears hopeless, there will always be a bright spark of optimism.

People Also Ask

When A Tarot Reader Sees The Five Of Cups Card, What Does It Mean?

The meaning of the five cups card represents disappointment and the emotions that arise when events don't turn out the way you had anticipated.

Do You Know Whether Five Cups Is A Yes Or No Card?

This card's overall pessimistic vibe indicates that the answer to your yes or no inquiry is no.

When It Comes To Love Readings, What Is The Meaning Of Five Of Cups?

In love Tarot readings, the Five of Cups is a card that frequently emerges. It may show that you have previously been depressed or hopeless in a relationship.


Whether it be your marriage or a relationship you have, now is the time to try to make an effort and enhance whatever needs improving in your life.
This card may indicate the end of a relationship or perhaps a divorce if you frequently dwell on the past and find fault with others or yourself.
Examine the things you've done well rather than dwelling on the things you've done incorrectly.
You must make the effort to move on with your life, no matter how difficult it may be to let go of the past.
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