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The High Priestess Tarot Card Meaning - Major Arcana

The High Priestess card in tarot readings is perhaps the second trump or Major Arcana card in the deck. This card is both strong and attractive and signifies sensuality, intrigue, and more power in general. You've come to the right place if you're seeking the high priestess tarot card meaning. Continue reading to know about it in detail. While the high priestess is a card of nonaction, it advises anybody who gets it to consider it carefully before becoming involved.

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The High Priestess card in tarotreadings is perhaps the second trump or Major Arcana card in the deck. This card is both strong and attractive and signifies sensuality, intrigue, and more power in general. You've come to the right place if you're seeking thehigh priestess tarot card meaning. Continue reading to know about it in detail.
While the high priestess is a card of nonaction, it advises anybody who gets it to consider it carefully before becoming involved.
Instead of attempting to control the story, consider the options. A tarot reading often suggests that you need to stand back and depend on your own intuitionto guide you through a challenging situation.

The High Priestess Tarot Card Meaning And Significance

The high priestess is encircled by a pomegranate-studded veil. The veil serves as a partition between the visible and invisible realms as well as a boundary to keep outsiders out. The door is only open to those who have been invited.
The pomegranates on the veil are sacred to Persephone, who was bound to come back every year after eating a pomegranate seed in the underworld. They stand for fertility, plenty, and the divine feminine.
The high priestess is flanked by two pillars that mark the entrance to the revered and mystical temple (similar to the Temple of Solomon). On the black pillar, the letter "B" stands for "Boaz," which means "in his might," and on the white pillar, the letter "J," which stands for "Jachin," which means "he shall establish."
The pillars' black and white hues signify duality, suggesting that in order to enter the holy realm, one must first embrace and comprehend duality. The high priestess's blue robes and horned diadem or crown denote both her celestial wisdom and her status as a divine queen.
According to A.E. Waite, the initials Tora on the scroll she is holding in her lap stand for The Greater Law. It is partly hidden, indicating that this spiritual understanding is both conscious and unconscious and that it will be made known when the student is prepared to see beyond material reality.
The crescent at her feet indicates her link to the moon's regular cycles and serves as a symbol of her connection to the divine feminine, intuition, and subconscious mind.

High Priestess Tarot Keywords

Before discussing the upright and reversed meanings of the high priestess, a major arcana card, let's look at some of the most crucial details and concepts it stands for.
  • Upright - Inner voice, Intuitive, Instincts, Subconscious, Diving Feminine
  • Reversed - Secrets, Repressed Emotions, Lack of Purpose, Out of Touch, Silence
  • Numerology - 2
  • Element - Water
  • Yes or no - Yes
  • Planet - Moon
  • Astrological Zodiac Sign - Cancer

The High Priestess Upright Card Meaning And Guide

The high priestess is in charge of the unconscious and holy knowledge, while The Magician is in charge of the material world and the conscious consciousness.
It's hardly surprising that the high priestess can effortlessly transition between the waking and subconscious worlds. She tells you that the world isn't always what it seems to be. When she leads you through the delicate veil of awareness, there are no secrets or concealed information when you follow her.
The high priestess is a representation of heavenly illumination, inner enlightenment, and divine knowledge. When the veil between the worlds is thin, she emerges in your Tarot card readings, giving you a glimpse into the depths of your own soul.
It's time to clear your thoughts and pay attention to your intuition. You won't get the answers you seek from other sources but from deep inside yourself, from your own inner truth and "knowing." You can only have access to this inner insight if you follow the high priestess's guidance.
You may establish a connection with your consciousness and, in turn, your Spiritual Self via meditation, visualization, shamanic journeys, and spiritual organizations. You are now receiving important information from your intuition and using it to communicate with your subconscious.
You will learn how to resolve these issues by practicing meditation and tuning into your intuition, so allow yourself the time and space to do so. Consider what areas of your lifeyou feel are out of balance or lack "flow" or ease. Psychic awareness and intuition are also growing at this time.
If you are working on these talents, the high priestess exhorts you to keep going and have confidence that you are indeed on the correct road. If you follow your intuition, more will start to flow.
You are being urged to acknowledge your connection to the Divine Feminine, which encompasses all of your intuition, empathy, and understanding when you encounter a high priestess in your life.
No of your gender, the high priestess's look serves as a reminder that your divine feminine needs your attention right now. It's imperative that you harmonize or balance your feminine and masculine energy.
Instead of following your thinking, follow your feelings. If at all feasible, cooperate with one another rather than compete. Let's create instead of destroy. Believe in your Divine Feminine strength even though it seems that the male energy around you is more powerful. Instead of concealing your caring, trust, awareness, and empathetic qualities, let them shine through.

The High Priestess Reversed Card Meaning And Guide

The High Priestess Reversed commands you to remain still and silent so that you may hear your inner voice and wisdom. It may be challenging to concentrate on what's best for you if you're swayed by other people's perspectives or drawn into their drama.
By putting the outer world aside today, you may better understand what your inner knowledge is trying to teach you.
Do I struggle to trust my gut feelings? Because you don't believe in yourself or think you're silly for following your intuition, you could be depriving yourself of the opportunity to learn this profound lesson.
You could desire to conceal your intuitive skills out of concern for other people's perceptions or views. Your strength is in intuition, which is there to help and direct you. Trust in the universe's strength and let it guide you. Give up and let go of the reins.
Have trust that the high priestess will be there for you whenever you need her by seeing her as your inner peace that is undisturbed by the commotion all around you.
When things get too hectic, find a place of peace and meditate so that you can hear her. If you listen to your instincts instead of concentrating on your issue, the solution will come to you.
Last but not least, the high priestess' enigmatic quality may allude to rumors and secret schemes. It's possible that other individuals are keeping back information from you or spreading rumors about you.
Instead of making assumptions or descending into the depths of paranoia, discuss the actual situation.

The High Priestess Yes Or No Tarot Reading

A "yes or no" query receives a conclusive response from the high priestess tarot card. Yes, if doing so serves the larger benefit. The success of a desire depends on its motivation.
It's up to you to decide if you're seeking anything in particular or whether you want to take any action that could eventually benefit both you and others.

The High Priestess Tarot Love Meaning

A "self" card, like the high priestess, often appears in friendship, social, and love readings when you truly need to focus more on attending to your own needs and wants.
The high priestess tarot card may indicate that you are unsatisfied with many elements of your life, especially love. She probably symbolizes your partner or a close friend; whatever it takes. There is a straightforward answer to both problems: give up trying! It's not the same as giving up on life and your relationships to take a step back and allow things to develop naturally.
In his book "Fire in the Heart," Deepak Chopra relates a tale that his teacher, Baba, told him. A little youngster was captivated as he saw a caterpillar turn into a butterfly.
The caterpillar seemed to be struggling with the moist wings just after emerging from its cocoon. The youngster touched the wings in an attempt to help. Is this what you thought of? One of the butterfly's wings tore, rendering it incapable of flying.
Anger increases as soon as we (or others) pressure someone to commit or "be satisfied." Waiting your turn while taking a rear seat is quite acceptable.
  • Think about what you want and need for yourself.
  • Take a little pause and release the tension.
  • Humility and patience are crucial.

The High Priestess Tarot Career Meaning

In professional readings, the high priestess card commonly shows up, especially when it pertains to going back to school or a search for knowledge.
What most piques your interest? What are your most fervent life goals? Consideration should be given to these issues.
Creature a being of wonder, the high priestess is unable to provide you with a straightforward answer to your query about how to increase your income. This does not exclude her from providing advice, however.
Are there things that you're not aware of that are holding you back? We need some type of peep behind the curtain to obtain the whole image.
This major arcana card is telling you to take a step back and consider the situation rationally. What advice would you provide to someone in your position?
  • Spend some time figuring out what you're really passionate about.
  • Learn more about this topic by enrolling in a class.
  • Consider if there is anything preventing you from moving forward.

The High Priestess Tarot Health Meaning

Even if you didn't ask for a reading on healthand spirituality, the high priestess Tarot card suggests that you should.
Have you noticed anything "wrong" about how your body is feeling lately? If so, you should follow your intuition and see a doctor. It's important to keep an eye on the high priestess since she might be signaling hormonal and reproductive issues, as well as an upcoming pregnancy.
The soul and your emotional selves are one and the same. Have you put off taking care of your spiritual needs? And it's possible that you're on a quest for self-discovery.
This card's advice is to "stay with it." Look for ways to increase your frequency, get in touch with your inner self, develop your psychic abilities, and actualize your most important objectives.
  • Ensure that you are looking after yourself.
  • Pay attention to your inner voice.
  • Try to come up with ways to increase your own vibrational frequency.

Numerology And High Priestess Tarot Card

Because of the law of attraction, which states that one thing attracts another, we have Two. A nice number is two. The high priestess stands for major arcana card number two. She is a master at harmonizing inner and outer, concealed and revealed intuitive and rational viewpoints.
Numerologically speaking, the number two also represents unity. It represents duality, or two opposites trying to make sense of one another, to put it another way.

Astrology And The High Priestess Card

The symbol of insight, ethereal forces, and holy femininity is the high priestess card. In astrology, the moon is the planet connected to feelings, the subconscious, and psychic powers. Since the moon rules cancer, it seems to sense that they are so in tune with their emotions. As a result, it is feasible to tie this moon sign to the high priestess's spirit.
The High Priestess Tarot Card and the Zodiac sign Cancer are both connected to the element of water. Water is a metaphor for awakening, recovery, and regeneration. Water represents the innate capacity to feel people's moods and their want to provide assistance.

People Also Ask

Who Does The High Priestess Represent?

The High Priestess brings spiritual, inner, divine, and wisdom to those who seek it. In tarot readings, she comes when the barrier between you and the underworld is thin and you may access soul knowledge.

What Does It Mean When You Draw The High Priestess?

In the upright stance, the High Priestess means it's time to search deep and pay attention to hidden emotions and ideas that are appearing in physical or weird emotional symptoms.

Is The High Priestess A Good Card?

The High Priestess card is spiritual and intelligent. This card indicates a good moment to reconnect with your inner self, intuition, and higher power.

What Does The B And J Mean On The High Priestess Card?

The scroll in her hands says TORA (which means "divine law"), symbolizing Akasha, our past, present, and future memories. She's between a black and a white pillar of the Temple of Solomon, J for Jachin and B for Boaz.

Who Is The Woman On The High Priestess Tarot Card?

The lady shown on the Tarot's High Priestess Card is Pope Joan.


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