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The Most Famous And Infamous Gamblers In History - Infamy And Fame In The World Of Gambling

The world of gambling has seen its fair share of legendary figures, both good and bad. The most famous and infamous gamblers in history have left their mark on the industry, and their stories have become the stuff of legend.

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The world of gambling has seen its fair share of legendary figures, both good and bad. The most famous and infamous gamblers in historyhave left their mark on the industry, and their stories have become the stuff of legend.
From the poker tables of Las Vegas to the race tracks of Europe, these individuals have captivated audiences with their daring bets, remarkable skills, and sometimes questionable ethics.
Some have become heroes to gambling enthusiasts worldwide, while othershave been reviled for their misdeeds. Nevertheless, their stories continue to fascinate us and provide a glimpse into the historyand evolution of gambling.
In this article, we'll take a closer look at some of the most famous and infamous gamblers in history and explore their impact on the world of gambling.

The Most Famous Gamblers in History

Famous And Infamous Gamblers In History

Charles Deville Wells: "The Man Who Broke The Bank At Monte Carlo"

Charles Deville Wells was a British gambler who became famous for breaking the bank at Monte Carlo. In 1891, Wells visited the casinoand managed to win over one million francs in a single night, an incredible amount of money at the time.
He became known as "The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo" and his story inspired a popular music hall song.

Nick "The Greek" Dandalos: Legendary High Roller

Nick Dandalos, also known as "The Greek", was a Greek-American professional gambler who is considered one of the greatest high rollers in gambling history.
Dandalos was known for his incredible luck at the craps table, and in 1949 he won over $4 million (equivalent to over $50 million today) playing craps at the Horseshoe Casino in Las Vegas.
He is also famous for his series of high-stakes poker games against Johnny Moss, which became the basis for the World Series of Poker.

Arnold Rothstein: The Man Behind The 1919 World Series Scandal

Arnold Rothstein was a notorious American gambler and racketeer who was believed to have been involved in fixing the 1919 World Series.
Rothstein was a master of bribery and corruption, and he is thought to have paid members of the Chicago White Sox to throw the series.
Although he was never convicted of the crime, his involvement in the scandal tarnished his reputation and he became known as the man who "fixed" the World Series.

Edward O. Thorp: The Father Of Card Counting

Edward O. Thorp is an American mathematician and former professional blackjack player who is considered the father of card counting.
Thorp developed a mathematical system for counting cards in blackjack, which allowed players to gain an edge over the casino. His book, "Beat the Dealer," became a bestseller and is credited with popularizing the concept of card counting.

John Montagu: The Earl Who Invented The Sandwich And Loved To Gamble

John Montagu, also known as the 4th Earl of Sandwich, was a British nobleman who is credited with inventing the sandwich. But Montagu was also a passionate gambler, and he spent many hours playing cards and bettingon horse races.
Legend has it that he was so engrossed in a game of cards that he ordered his servant to bring him some meat between two slices of bread so that he could eat without having to leave the table.

Alice Ivers "Poker Alice" Tubbs: Wild West Poker Pro

Alice Ivers Tubbs, also known as "Poker Alice," was an American gambler and poker player who gained fame in the Wild West.
She was known for her sharp wit and poker skills, and she made a living by playing in saloons and gambling halls. Tubbs was married to a mining engineer, but after he was killed in a mining accident, she turned to gambling as a way to support herself and her children.

Richard Marcus: Casino Cheat Extraordinaire

Richard Marcus is a former professional gambler who is known for his cheating techniques. Marcus was a master of sleight of hand and developed a series of methods for cheating at casino games like blackjack and roulette.
He would often work with a team of other cheaters to distract the dealer and switch out cards or chips, allowing them to win large sums of money.

King Henry VIII: A Royal Gambler

King Henry VIII of England is perhaps best known for his six marriages and his role in the English Reformation, but he was also a passionate gambler. Henry was known to be a skilled player of many games, including dice.

What Famous Gamblers Were Also Successful Businessmen?

There have been several famous gamblers throughout history who have not only been successful in their gambling ventures but have also made their mark as successful businessmen. Here are a few examples:
  • Steve Wynn:Steve Wynn is a well-known name in both the gambling and business worlds. He is the founder of Wynn Resorts, one of the largest and most successful casino companies in the world.
  • Kirk Kerkorian: Kirk Kerkorian was a businessman and philanthropist who made his fortune in the hotel and casino industry. He was the founder of MGM Resorts International and helped shape Las Vegas into the gambling and entertainment capital it is today.
  • Sheldon Adelson:Sheldon Adelson was another successful businessman who made his fortune in the casino industry. He was the founder of Las Vegas Sands Corporation and was one of the wealthiest people in the world at the time of his death in 2021.
  • Benny Binion:Benny Binion was a well-known gambler and casino owner who founded the World Series of Poker. He was also a successful businessman who owned several casinos in Las Vegas and was known for his innovative marketing strategies.
  • James Packer:James Packer is an Australian businessman who inherited a media empire from his father and has since become one of the wealthiest people in the country. He also has a stake in Crown Resorts, a casino company with locations in Australia and Asia.

People Also Ask

Who Was The Most Successful Gambler In History?

There are several contenders for this title, but one of the most famous is Billy Walters, a professional sports bettor who made millions of dollars through his betting strategies.

Who Was The Biggest Loser In Gambling History?

Terry Watanabe, the former CEO of the Oriental Trading Company, is often cited as one of the biggest losers in gambling history. He reportedly lost over $200 million at Caesars Palace and the Rio casinos in Las Vegas.

Who Was The Most Infamous Gambler In History?

One of the most infamous gamblers in history is Charles "Lucky" Luciano, a notorious mob boss who made his fortune through illegal gambling operations.

Who Were The Most Successful Female Gamblers In History?

One of the most successful female gamblers in history is Alice Ivers Tubbs, also known as "Poker Alice." She was a skilled poker player who made her living through gambling in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Final Words

The most famous and infamous gamblers in history have left their mark on the world of gambling and beyond. From legendary poker players to notorious match fixers, these individuals have captivated audiences with their stories of high stakes and risky bets.
Whether celebrated for their skills or reviled for their deceit, they have become icons of the gambling world and their legacies continue to inspire and intrigue us today.
While some have left a positive impact on the industry, others have left a trail of destruction in their wake. Nevertheless, their influence on the world of gambling cannot be denied, and their stories will continue to be told for generations to come.
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