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The Truth About Guardian Angels - Do They Exist Or Are They A Myth?

Nowadays, the notion of having a personal guardian angel is increasingly popular. The truth about guardian angels is that they are typically good spiritual beings whose purpose it is to lead, guard, and assist humans.

Author:Suleman Shah
Reviewer:Han Ju
Nov 22, 20222 Shares551 Views
Nowadays, the notion of having a personal guardian angel is increasingly popular.
The truth about guardian angelsis that they are typically good spiritual beings whose purpose it is to lead, guard, and assist humans.
The issue is whether or not there are Guardian Angels.
Does the idea that God assigns us a guardian angel at the time of our birth have any validity in the Bible?

The Truth About The Existence Of Guardian Angels

Bible mentions angels 273 times. Guardian angels can help you manage your experiences on Earth. Jews invented guardian angels between the Old and New Testaments. Early church fathers occasionally spoke of a good angel and a bad spirit in a person's life. These customs predate the Bible and aren't supported by its ideas.
Here are some things you should know about Guardian Angels:

Guardian Angels Exist

The Gospel and Scriptures provide many examples and stories to support this point. The Catechism teaches us from a young age to acknowledge and trust its presence.

Angels Have Always Existed

Since God created the first angels, they've existed. Divine Will created tens of thousands of angels at once.

Our Guardian Angels Are Our Messengers

When God talks to us, he talks to the angels instead of us. Their job is to explain God's Word to us and point us in the right direction.

Having A Guardian Angel

According to Christian traditions, we each have a guardian angel who watches over us from birth until death and is always around. Many world faiths, including Greek philosophy, believe that every individual is followed and watched over by a spirit.
God presides over a court of celestial beings who adore him and do deeds in his name, according to the Old Testament. Even in ancient literature, references to God sending angels as guardians and messengers are common. The Guardian Angel is connected to everyone in God's grace.
Before you're born, you're granted a Guardian Angel who stays with you until you die. Because so many people believe their Guardian Angel will follow you from life to life, it's more practical to say your angel will be with you on your spiritual path.
Guardian Angels defend you, but you shouldn't think of them as spiritual bodyguards. They won't make your life simpler or insulate you from pain. Instead, they assist you to speak with your spiritual self so you can reach your entire spiritual potential.

Finding Your Guardian Angel

Finding your guardian angel can be exciting. Unknowingly, you may have gotten counsel and support from your Guardian Angel. You may have seen Guardian Angel signs unknowingly.
Finding your guardian angel demands faith. You must believe in them while not seeing them. You must also trust your intuitionsince it connects your conscious mind to your spiritualityand allows you to converse with spiritual entities.
Start by discovering your Guardian Angel's name. Many people claim seeing signs or symbols when meditating and communicating with their guardian angels.
We each have a team of guardian angels. Angels, who are perfect spirits, are grateful when we approach them through song, writing, praying, or any other manner.

People Also Ask

Is There An Angel Assigned To Me?

Even though the Lord hasn't said if a specific angel watches over each person, you can be guaranteed of heavenly protection and peace. God will send angels to you if you have faith to strengthen, soothe, and give you courage.

How Does A Guardian Angel Work Among Us?

A Guardian Angel is a posthumous role. Once assigned, the deceased crew member can safeguard another against the impostor. When a crew member presses the protect button, an invisible shield protects them for a set time.

What Are The Powers of A Guardian Angel?

  • Telekinesis- Guardian angels can move objects with their thoughts.
  • Photokinesis- Guardian angels have power over holy white light.
  • Chronokinesis- Guardian angels can slow down time to a near halt.
  • Telepathy- Guardian angels can read the minds of humans and have a direct link to God and their fellow angels.


Guardian angels exist despite ignorance and misperception. If we emulate angels, they can help us protect our hearts. The most important role they can play in our life is to show us an entire dedication to God, unquestioned obedience, and sincere worship. God talks to us through the angels who watch over us.
Their responsibility is to teach us God's Word and guide us. I pray that reading this article helps you realize the truth about guardian angels and brings you closer to your own.
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