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Things To Avoid When Fasting And Praying

The following are things to avoid when fasting and praying so that your prayers will be heard and your fast will have the intended impact. Some of them are spiritual and should be taken seriously, while others are physical, natural, and everyday items that you should avoid while fasting and praying according to common sense.

Author:Suleman Shah
Reviewer:Han Ju
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The following are things to avoid when fasting and prayingso that your prayerswill be heard and your fast will have the intended impact. Some of them are spiritual and should be taken seriously, while othersare physical, natural, and everyday items that you should avoid while fasting and praying according to common sense.

Things To Avoid When Fasting And Praying

Here are the things to avoid when fasting and praying, read carefully to avoid these things.

Avoid Sinful Thoughts And Desires

When fasting and praying, believers should put an end to wicked thoughts and desires. We are depriving someone of their satisfaction. Things, places, and circumstances that encourage wicked thoughts or cravings should be avoided.
Since God is a holy God who will not get near to a heart that is full of immoral thoughts, one must completely avoid all sin to receive the benefits of fasting and prayer. One's heart is intended to be devoted to God to hear from Him.

Avoid Telling Others One Is Fasting

To hear from God and become closer to him, people fast and pray. One should refrain from telling people that they are fasting since it is not a communal activity.
It is a private practice that should be carried out quietly and without the participation of anybody other than the spouse if it will last for an extended length of time. The Bible also urges covert fasting and prayer so that God may judge your sincerity and reward you appropriately.

Avoid Vain Prayers

One should abstain from selfish and pointless prayers when fasting and praying. We need to learn how to pray intercessory so that our fasting prayers aren't only for our own needs and those of our families.
Up until everyone comes to a saving understanding of and acceptance of Jesus Christ, the world at large should not be the primary focus of fasting and prayer.
Scrabble Tiles That Form The Word 'PRAY' on Pink Surface
Scrabble Tiles That Form The Word 'PRAY' on Pink Surface

Avoid Having The Wrong Motive For Fasting And Praying

To achieve the goal of entering God's Kingdom, one must become humble before God and improve their connection with him via fasting and prayer. All of our fasting and prayer should be directed toward God rather than toward ourselves.
To be useful to the individual engaging in such practice, one must avoid the erroneous motives for fasting and prayer. You shouldn't fast or pray to get a reward, this is bad motivation.
Fasting and prayer are intended to increase one's spiritual desire for God and speed up God's involvement. Before you begin fasting and prayer, be sure your heart is in the proper place with God since God sees and understands the heart's motivation. Align your heart with God and His things.

Avoid Dehydration

Avoid depriving the body of water for an extended length of time when fasting and praying. When you are praying and fasting, stay hydrated. Drink water periodically but stay away from strong stimulants like coffeeand sweetened beverages.


Avoid Listening To/Watching Secular Media

Many of us experience this, so if you've ever closed your eyes to pray and your thoughts go to a passionate moment in a recent movie, you're not alone. Even if it could be difficult, you should be cautious about the material you expose your heart to.
For example, Christian fasting does not recommend watching or listening to films with strong themes like violence, nudity, or sensuality. Some of these films even parody Christianity and poke fun at it. During your fast, you should offer yourself to God as a living sacrifice, devote yourself to him, worship him, and spend time in his presence.

People Also Ask

What Sins Can Break Your Fast?

A Muslim's fast is broken by purposeful eating, drinking, vomiting, intimate contact between a married couple, and vitamin injections.

Does Sleeping Count As Fasting?

Yes, sleeping is regarded as a fasting phase while practicing intermittent fasting. As a result, one abstains from eating or drinking while in this mood.

Does Biting Nails Break Fast?

Biting one's nails does not break one's fast unless portions of the nails are purposefully eaten. Therefore, unintended nail-biting and nail-swallowing do not end fast.


When fasting and praying, it may be necessary to avoid human contact, yet some of us work in environments where we interact with others on a daily basis. As a result, it is almost difficult to remain silent.
Other things, in our opinion, should be avoided when fasting and praying. We do think that someone has learned something from all that has been spoken here, despite the fact that this list is not complete (but rather comprehensive).
This article's goal is to help you get to know about the things to avoid when fasting and praying. We would be very interested in learning about your thoughts about our article. Feel free to leave a remark below.
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