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Travis Kelce Net Worth - Breaking Down His $40 Million Net Worth

Discover the financial touchdown of NFL superstar Travis Kelce net worth, built on a winning career, savvy investments, and lucrative endorsements.

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Travis Kelce, renowned as a superstar tight end in the NFL, has not only left his mark on the football field but has also managed to accumulate an impressive fortune. His journey from college football to NFL stardom, coupled with astute business ventures and lucrative endorsements, has made him a financial force to be reckoned with. In this article, we'll delve into the world of Travis Kelce net worth, exploring the factors that have contributed to his remarkable financial success.

Quick Facts About Travis Kelce

NameTravis Michael Kelce
BirthdayOctober 5, 1989
ProfessionFootball player
Net worth$40 million

Early Life Of Travis Kelce

Travis Michael Kelce was born on October 5, 1989, in the scenic town of Westlake, Ohio. His journey towards becoming an NFL superstar began in his formative years, shaped by his experiences in his hometown.
Kelce's athletic prowess was evident from a young age. He attended Cleveland Heights High School, nestled in the heart of Cleveland Heights, Ohio, where he emerged as a standout athlete in not one, but three sports - football, basketball, and baseball.
However, it was on the football field where Travis truly excelled. He made his mark as a three-year letter winner, primarily playing the pivotal role of quarterback for the Tigers. His senior year was nothing short of remarkable, where he was honored with All-Lake Erie League accolades. This recognition was well-deserved, considering his impressive senior season, during which he amassed an impressive total of 2,539 yards of total offense.
For college, Kelce chose to attend the University of Cincinnati, following in the footsteps of his brother. He joined his brother on the Bearcats football team, a decision that would further shape his football career.
His college journey had its ups and downs. After redshirting in his first year in 2008, Kelce started to make his presence felt on the field. In 2009, he recorded eight rushes for 47 yards and scored two touchdowns, showcasing his versatility.
However, 2010 proved to be a challenging year for Kelce as he faced suspension for the season due to a failed drug test. It was a setback, but Kelce's determination and talent persevered.
He made a triumphant return in 2011, setting numerous personal records. That season, he recorded 45 receptions and accumulated an impressive 722 receiving yards, marking a turning point in his college football career. This resurgence demonstrated his resilience and determination to overcome obstacles.
Travis Kelce's journey from Cleveland Heights to the University of Cincinnati laid the groundwork for his future success in the NFL. His early lifeand college experiences reflect the perseverance and commitment that have defined his career in professional football.

Kansas City Chiefs Career

Travis Kelce wearing a white footbal uniform
Travis Kelce wearing a white footbal uniform
In the 2013 NFL Draft, the Kansas City Chiefs selected Travis Kelce in the third round. His debut season with the team was short-lived, marked by a mid-October placement on injured reserve following knee surgery. However, Kelce made a triumphant return in 2014, recording his first NFL touchdown and achieving his first game with over 100 receiving yards. By the end of the season, he had emerged as the Chiefs' leading receiver, amassing a total of 862 yards.
The 2015 season started on a high note for Kelce, with his first multiple-touchdown game in the NFL, propelling the Chiefs to a strong regular season finish with an 11-5 record. In the Divisional Round, though, the team faced a defeat at the hands of the New England Patriots.
2016 marked another standout year for Kelce, as he reached career highs in both yards (1,125) and receptions (85). The Chiefs excelled in the AFC West, concluding the regular season with a 12-4 record. Despite their strong performance, they once again experienced playoff disappointment, this time against the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Divisional Round.
In 2017, Kelce had a career-best eight receiving touchdowns during the regular season, ranking second among tight ends with 1,038 receiving yards. The Chiefs advanced to the Wild Card Round but were defeated by the Tennessee Titans, with Kelce leaving the game early due to a first-half concussion. In 2018, he played a pivotal role in securing the Chiefs' first-place finish in the AFC West. The team progressed to the AFC Championship but suffered a loss to the Patriots.
The 2019 season was a standout year for Kelce and the Chiefs. He achieved significant milestones, becoming the fastest tight end in NFL historyto reach 500 career receptions during a game against the Chicago Bears. He also became the first tight end in NFL history to achieve four consecutive seasons with at least 1,000 receiving yards. The Chiefs blazed through the playoffs, clinching the Divisional Round and the AFC Championship, ultimately securing victory in Super Bowl LIV against the San Francisco 49ers.
Their Super Bowl journey continued into the following year, but they faced a disappointing defeat to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in a 31-9 loss. In 2021, Kelce set or extended several records, including the most 1,000-yard seasons by a tight end, with six.
He reached 9,000 career yards in the final game of the regular season, making him the fastest tight end in NFL history to achieve this milestone. The Chiefs clinched the Wild Card Round and the Divisional Round but fell short against the Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC Championship.
The year 2022 saw Kelce's leadership once again guide his team to the postseason and, eventually, to Super Bowl LVII, where they faced the Philadelphia Eagles. Notably, this Super Bowl featured a unique family rivalry, as Kelce's brother, Jason Kelce, played for the Eagles. In an exciting contest, the Chiefs emerged victorious with a score of 38-35. These remarkable seasons have solidified Travis Kelce's status as one of the NFL's premier tight ends.

Achievements Of Travis Kelce

Travis Kelce, the star tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, boasts an impressive list of achievements throughout his NFL career. Here are some of the standout accomplishments and milestones in his professional football journey:
  • Pro Bowl Selections -Kelce has been named to the Pro Bowl numerous times, with multiple selections highlighting his status as one of the NFL's top tight ends.
  • All-Pro Honors -He has earned All-Pro recognition on multiple occasions, underscoring his consistency and exceptional skills.
  • Super Bowl Champion -Kelce played a pivotal role in helping the Kansas City Chiefs secure a Super Bowl victory in Super Bowl LIV, where they defeated the San Francisco 49ers by a score of 31-20.
  • Record-Breaking Seasons -Kelce has set various NFL records for tight ends, including becoming the fastest in history to reach milestones like 500 career receptions and 9,000 career receiving yards.
  • Consecutive 1,000-Yard Seasons -He holds the distinction of being the first tight end in NFL history to achieve four consecutive seasons with at least 1,000 receiving yards, showcasing his consistent excellence.
  • Team Leadership -Kelce's leadership on and off the field has been instrumental in the Kansas City Chiefs' success in clinching AFC West titles and advancing to the playoffs.
  • Career Highs -Throughout his career, Kelce has achieved personal bests in yards, receptions, and touchdowns, consistently contributing to his team's success.
  • Fastest Tight End -Kelce's remarkable speed and agility have often made him the fastest tight end in the NFL, enabling him to make significant yardage gains and scoring plays.

Media Appearances Of Travis Kelce

Travis kelce wearing a black shirt
Travis kelce wearing a black shirt
Travis Kelce's presence extends beyond the football field, and he has ventured into the world of media and entertainment, making a significant impact in various realms. Here are some notable media appearances and accomplishments:
  • "Catching Kelce" (2016) -In 2016, Travis Kelce ventured into the realm of reality television by starring in the E! reality dating show, "Catching Kelce." The show featured Kelce as the central figure who was in search of love. Among a group of contestants, he ultimately chose Maya Benberry as the winner. Although the show garnered attention, Kelce's relationship with Benberry ended in early 2017, highlighting the complexities of finding love in a public setting.
  • "Saturday Night Live" (SNL) Host (2023) -After securing victory in Super Bowl LVII in 2023, Travis Kelce was invited to host an episode of the iconic sketch comedy show, "Saturday Night Live." This prestigious role allowed him to showcase his charisma and comedic talents to a vast television audience. Notably, his brother Jason Kelce also made an appearance on the show, adding a unique familial touch to the episode.

Travis Kelce Net Worth

Travis Kelce has reportedly amassed an estimated net worth of approximately $40 million during his decade-long NFL career. The lion's share of his earnings, totaling nearly $150 million, has come from his various contracts. His most recent contract extension, signed in 2020 with the Kansas City Chiefs, is valued at around $57 million, securing his association with the team through 2026. A substantial portion of this sum, roughly $22.75 million, is guaranteed, and he presently commands an annual average salary of over $14 million.
Kelce's initial foray into the NFL saw him sign his rookie contract in 2013, which was valued at a modest $3.12 million, complemented by a signing bonus of $703,304. Notably, in 2016, he inked his first contract extension, which was worth a significant $46 million and spread across five seasons. As one of, if not the preeminent tight end in today's NFL, Kelce shows no signs of slowing down and retirement seems to be a distant prospect. With his remarkable skills and continued health, he remains a strong contender for another lucrative contract in the future.

Endorsements Of Travis Kelce

Travis kelce wearing a red jacket and cap
Travis kelce wearing a red jacket and cap
Travis Kelce's marketability extends far beyond the football field, thanks to his charisma, striking appearance, and undeniable talent. As a bona fide superstar in the NFL, it's no surprise that he has inked numerous lucrative endorsement deals over the course of his career. One of his long-standing partnerships is with the Midwest grocery chain, Hy-Vee, which is set to continue until 2025. Hy-Vee has also been a loyal sponsor of his team, the Kansas City Chiefs.
In addition to his NFL earnings, Travis Kelce rakes in an impressive $5 million annually from a range of endorsement agreements with well-known companies, including:
  • McDonald's -Kelce's association with the fast-food giant not only adds to his financial portfolio but also cements his status as a recognizable figure in mainstream advertising.
  • Nike -As one of the leading sportswear brands globally, a partnership with Nike underlines Kelce's significance in the world of sports and athletic performance.
  • Papa John's - The pizza chain's endorsement deal showcases Kelce's appeal to the food industry, appealing to fans and food enthusiasts alike.
  • Bud Light -Kelce's association with Bud Light, a prominent beverage brand, is a testament to his presence in the commercial realm, particularly in the sports and entertainment category.
  • Sleep Number -Aligning with a mattress and bedding company highlights Kelce's recognition as a figure who prioritizes rest and recovery, a vital aspect of any athlete's performance.
  • Tide -The partnership with Tide emphasizes Kelce's role as a trusted figure in household and laundry-related endorsements.
  • State Farm - Kelce's collaboration with State Farm showcases his appeal in the insurance and financial services sector, expanding his reach beyond the realm of sports.
  • Dick's Sporting Goods -His affiliation with Dick's Sporting Goods demonstrates his impact on the world of sports equipment and gear.
  • T-Mobile -T-Mobile's partnership with Kelce emphasizes his influence in the telecommunications industry, making him a representative of modern communication.
  • Experian -This partnership highlights his role in promoting financial literacy and data services, extending his appeal to the realm of personal finance.
  • Old Spice - The association with Old Spice exemplifies Kelce's image as a figure of style and personal grooming, appealing to a diverse audience.
  • Pfizer -His involvement with Pfizer showcases his influence in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector, endorsing a brand with global recognition.
  • Walgreens -The partnership with Walgreens underscores its reach in the retail and healthcare industry, representing a well-known pharmacy and retail brand.
  • DirecTV -His endorsement deal with DirecTV emphasizes his role as a figure in the entertainment and media world, appealing to viewers and consumers of television and satellite services.

Business And Investments Of Travis Kelce

Kelce also possesses a number of brands and astute investments. Kelce was one of several professional athletes who invested in the hot sauce brand Cholula, and he likely made a fortune when food behemoth McCormick (MKC) purchased it in 2020 for $800 million. Since October 2023, Kelce has also invested in the Alpine Formula One racing team.
Kelce and Patrick Mahomes, quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, joined a group of investors (including Reynolds and Rob McElhenney) who purchased a 24% stake in the F1 team in June 2023 for approximately $218 million (200 million euros).
According to Front Office Sports, Kelce has also invested in home rowing machine startup Hydrow, which raised $255 million in funding in 2017. Other investments made by Kelce include the tequila brand Casa Azul, the sports lifestyle and entertainment content platform PlayersTV, the menswear brand Indochino, and the vehicle accessories company RealTruck.
Kelce's enterprises include Hilo Gummies, a line of nutritional supplements he helped launch in 2019 and serves as Chief of Performance for, and his sportswear brand Tru Kolors. Kelce and his sibling host a podcast titled "New Heights," which is currently the most popular podcast on Apple Podcasts.

Dating Rumors With Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift wearing a floral top and Travis Kelce wearing a beige corduroy jacket
Taylor Swift wearing a floral top and Travis Kelce wearing a beige corduroy jacket
Kelce's personal life and relationships have been frequently in the public eye, especially when he was rumored to be dating music star Taylor Swift. Swift was observed cheering alongside Kelce's mother from the friends-and-family suite during a Chiefs game in September 2023. Additionally, they were spotted leaving the stadium in a classic American muscle vehicle.
Later, Kelce affirmed that he and Swift were "hanging out" but did not disclose any details about their relationship, emphasizing his desire to keep his personal life private and concentrate on his football career.
Prior to dating Swift, Kelce dated sports reporter Kayla Nicole for five years, but the relationship ended in 2023 amid allegations of infidelity. In 2016, he had a brief relationship with model Maya Benberry, whom he encountered on his dating show "Catching Kelce," but they ended shortly thereafter.

Real Estate Properties Of Travis Kelce

During the NFL season, football players are typically on the road for the majority of the time, spending only a few months at home. Kelce is a significant part of the Chiefs' fabric, so they are no exception.
Kelce resides in a luxury Kansas City high-rise where the maximum monthly rent is only $3,400. It is located in the affluent Power and Light district at One Light Luxury.
The apartment is appropriately named. It is in a prime location for visiting local restaurants, shopping, concert venues, and nightlife venues. In addition, it provides direct access to Cosentino's grocery store and concierge services that have been meticulously selected. This venue features a fitness center, swimming pools, entertainment rooms, relaxing areas, and superior security. Kelce has resided at this address since 2018. Based on the multimillion-dollar contract he signed in August, it does not appear that he will be leaving.
In addition to the apartment, the tight end possesses a second home in the Kansas City suburbs. The house has a swimming pool with a jacuzzi, a gym with state-of-the-art apparatus, a spacious basement, and an office-separate den. Kelce has possessed the home since 2013, and he is continually making improvements.

Philanthropic Efforts Of Travis Kelce

Beyond his remarkable achievements on the football field and in the commercial world, Travis Kelce has demonstrated a deep commitment to philanthropy. His charitable efforts encompass a range of causes and organizations, reflecting his dedication to making a positive impact on the world. Some of his notable philanthropic endeavors include:
  • Braden's Hope for Childhood Cancer -Travis Kelce has actively supported the cause of childhood cancer through his involvement in Braden's Hope. He contributed to the organization by appearing on a calendar as the featured figure for the month of June. This initiative aims to raise awareness and generate research grants for the development of treatments and cures for childhood cancer. Kelce's participation has played a crucial role in advancing this vital cause.
  • Operation Breakthrough -Kelce has been an advocate for Operation Breakthrough, an organization dedicated to providing a secure, nurturing, and educational environment for children living in poverty. Operation Breakthrough's mission includes not only empowering children through education but also assisting their families with advocacy and emergency aid. Kelce's involvement underscores his commitment to making a difference in the lives of disadvantaged youth and their families.
  • 87 and Running -One of Kelce's most significant philanthropic endeavors is his own charity, "87 and Running." This foundation focuses on empowering underprivileged youth, providing them with the resources and support needed to succeed. The charity's work extends across multiple domains, including education, business, athletics, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), and the arts. By offering opportunities and guidance in these areas, "87 and Running" is dedicated to helping young individuals overcome challenges, achieve their potential, and thrive in their communities. Travis Kelce's involvement and leadership in this foundation reflect his dedication to creating positive change in the lives of disadvantaged youth.

Lesser Known Facts About Travis Kelce

Travis Kelce wearing a light blue coat
Travis Kelce wearing a light blue coat
  • Before his football career took off, Kelce was a three-sport athlete in high school, excelling in football, basketball, and baseball. This showcases his versatility and athleticism.
  • Travis Kelce's older brother, Jason Kelce, is not only an NFL player but also a talented athlete in his own right. He is a center for the Philadelphia Eagles and has established himself as one of the best in his position.
  • In addition to his involvement in various charitable endeavors, Kelce has ventured into entrepreneurship. He co-founded a clothing line called "Travis Kelce for 87 and Running," showcasing his interest in fashion and business.
  • Travis Kelce's foray into reality television led to him starring in "Catching Kelce," a dating show. He chose Maya Benberry as the winner, although their relationship didn't ultimately last.
  • Kelce hosted an episode of "Saturday Night Live" (SNL) after his Super Bowl victory in 2023, demonstrating his comedic and entertainment skills in addition to his football prowess.
  • While his involvement in charity is known, the breadth and depth of his contributions to various causes, including childhood cancer awareness and underprivileged youth empowerment, are a testament to his commitment to making a difference off the field.
  • Travis Kelce has not only been part of Super Bowl-winning teams but also holds records for his remarkable performances in these high-stakes games. His legacy in Super Bowl competitions is a testament to his clutch play and consistency on the grandest stage.
  • Beyond his NFL career, Kelce holds records as the fastest tight end to reach milestones like 500 career receptions and 9,000 career receiving yards, solidifying his place in NFL history.
  • Travis Kelce's personal motto is "Treat every day as if it's your last." This mantra reflects his appreciation for life and his drive to make the most of every opportunity.

Travis Kelce Net Worth - FAQs

Yes, Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce are brothers. Jason is a center for the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFL.

What Charities Does Travis Kelce Support?

Travis Kelce supports various charities, including Braden's Hope for Childhood Cancer and his own foundation, "87 and Running," which empowers disadvantaged youth.

How Many Super Bowl Rings Does Travis Kelce Have?

Travis Kelce has won two Super Bowl rings with the Kansas City Chiefs, with victories in Super Bowl LIV (2020) and Super Bowl LVII (2022).

What Is Travis Kelce's Role In "Catching Kelce" On E!?

In "Catching Kelce," Travis Kelce starred as the central figure who sought to find love among a group of contestants.

Does Travis Kelce Have Any Children?

As of October 2023, Travis Kelce did not have any children.


Travis Kelce's rise to fame and fortune is a testament to his exceptional talent, dedication, and astute financial decisions. With a successful NFL career, an array of endorsements, and investments in various business ventures, Kelce's net worth has steadily grown over the years. As he continues to excel both on and off the football field, it's safe to assume that Travis Kelce net worth will only continue its upward trajectory, solidifying his position as one of the NFL's most financially successful athletes.
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