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Veer Rajwant Singh - Best Known For His Appearance In TV Series “What The Folks”

Veer Rajwant Singh is a well-known name in the Indian acting and casting industries. It is because of his roles in online series such as Masoom, Little Things, and What the Folks that he has gained the most notoriety. He appeared in various humor sketch videos on YouTube, such as those posted by Being Indian and FilterCopy.

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Veer Rajwant Singhis a well-known name in the Indian acting and casting industries. It is because of his roles in online series such as Masoom, Little Things, and What the Folks that he has gained the most notoriety. He appeared in various humor sketch videos on YouTube, such as those posted by Being Indian and FilterCopy.
Since 2015, Singh has been a working professional in the entertainment sector. Since making his debut in 2015, Veer has consistently shown an unrelenting devotion to his art, therefore enhancing the industry with his abilities and unique interpretations.
He was a real luminary who deftly traversed the world of acting and casting, creating a lasting imprint on both the internet environment and conventional media. As a result, he cemented his position as a revered figure in the Indian entertainment industry.

Quick Facts About Veer Rajwant Singh

Real NameVeer Pratap Singh
ProfessionActor and Casting Director
Date of Birth14 February 1991
Age32 Years
Birth PlaceChandigarh, India
Veer Rajwant Singh Using Phone While On The Bed
Veer Rajwant Singh Using Phone While On The Bed

Early Life Of Veer Rajwant Singh

Veer Rajwant Singh, originally named Veer Pratap Singh, entered the world on February 14, 1991, in Chandigarh, India. His childhood was filled with cultural values and traditions as a result of the fact that he came from a typical Punjabi Sikh household. His father, a devoted government servant, instilled in him from a young age a sense of discipline and the desire to succeed in everything he set his mind to.
Veer Rajwant Singh's formative years were spent in Chandigarh, where he was exposed to the city's unique combination of modern and traditional cultural elements. It's possible that the vibrant environment of the region, which is well-known for its diverse cultural fabric and forward-thinking mentality, impacted his early years.
It is clear that Veer's path was paved by a family that was always there for him and an environment that was full of variety, despite the fact that precise facts regarding his upbringing and schooling are not discussed. These formative experiences may have played a role in his developing into the dynamic person he is now, as well as in his decision to join the entertainment business.
As Veer Rajwant Singh began his career in the world of acting and casting, the groundwork that was laid for him by his family and the environment in which he was raised may have been an essential factor in the development of his abilities and the advancement of his career to the point where it is now.

Career Of Veer Rajwant Singh

The sudden and unexpected death of his father at such a young age occurred when he was just 15 years old, and ever since then, everything in his lifehas been turned completely upside down. He started his career in the public sector as his father did, continuing the family tradition. After a year, he was seen playing in the background of the song "Nagada" from the 2007 film Jab We Met, which was directed by Imtiaz Ali.
Singh put in around four to five years of his life working for the government, but it was never enough to satisfy his desire to have a career in the entertainment industry. In 2015, Singh restarted his career in Bollywood, this time taking a position as an assistant casting director in the industry. Both Ascharyachakit! (2018) and Little Things (2016), both of which are Bollywood films, have him working as a casting director.
He rose to prominence after playing the part of Nikhil Solanki in the television series What the Folks, which is credited with propelling him to stardom. After that, he was scheduled to appear in the films Masoom (2022) and The Reunion (2018).
An illuminating illustration of Veer Rajwant Singh's determination, persistence, and unrelenting devotion to his art form is the journey that he made from working for the government to accomplishing his aspirations of being an actor.
Veer Rajwant Singh and Dhruv Sehgal Sitting Together
Veer Rajwant Singh and Dhruv Sehgal Sitting Together

Role Of Veer Rajwant Singh In “What The Folks”

The role of Nikhil Solanki that Veer Rajwant Singh played in the television series "What the Folks" was a crucial contributor to the developing fame of Veer Rajwant Singh in the entertainment business. Veer's character was a significant contributor to the show's overall popularity, which was mostly due to the fact that it offered a novel perspective on the challenges that contemporary families face.
One of the most-watched online series to come out of India is called "What the Folks," and it looks into the complexities of family relationships, generational differences, and changing social conventions. The program focuses on the lives of Nikhil, who is represented by Veer Rajwant Singh, and his wife, Anita, who is played by Eisha Chopra.
Nikhil is married to Anita. An intriguing new development occurs in the story when Nikhil receives an invitation from his in-laws to stay with them while Anita is away on a business trip. This paves the way for a chain of comedic and endearing occurrences as Nikhil navigates the peculiarities and eccentricities of his in-laws' homes in the future.
Veer's subtle acting has brought Nikhil Solanki to life, and the character is one that many people can identify with. He exemplifies the hopes and struggles of today's young people in India, who are torn between the ideals of their traditional families and the aspirations of the modern world.
His experiences with his in-laws, his quest for self-discovery, and his attempts to bridge the age divide all lead to humorous, introspective, and emotionally resonant moments. The flexibility of Veer Rajwant Singh as an actor is seen in the way he plays the role of Nikhil.
He deftly captures the character of a young guy who is working hard to connect with his in-laws while still balancing his own goals and ambitions. The depiction of Veer provides realism and depth to the character of Nikhil, which enables a large audience to relate to the situations that Nikhil goes through.
The essence of "What the Folks" is in the chemistry that exists between the characters, the sharp banter, and the investigation of the dynamics that exist inside families.
Veer's performance as Nikhil not only highlights the humorous aspects of the production but also provides an additional layer of emotional depth that strikes a chord with the audience. His presence on screen and his talent for conveying a wide variety of emotions are two factors that contribute to the popularity of the program as well as its enduring influence.
Veer Rajwant Singh's performance as Nikhil Solanki in "What the Folks" exemplifies his acting skills and demonstrates his talent for bringing characters to life in a manner that creates an impression that stays with the audience long after the episode has ended.
Not only did the series rocket Veer to popularity, but it also established him as an actor who is capable of creating performances that would be remembered in the ever-changing world of Indian entertainment.

The Physical Appearance Of Veer Rajwant Singh

Veer Rajwant Singh cuts a striking figure with his well-proportioned physique. His appearance draws attention due to the fact that he stands at around 173 centimeters (5 feet, 8 inches) tall. His proportionate physique, which includes a weight of around 70 kilograms (154 pounds), works well with his height.
His dedication to maintaining a healthy lifestyle is reflected in his physique measurements, which include a chest that is 40 inches in circumference, a waist that is 32 inches, and biceps that are 14 inches. These aspects help to create an impression of self-assurance about him as a whole.
The appealing brown eyes of Veer, which emanate warmth and depth, are a perfect complement to the other distinctive characteristics of his face. His dark hair lends an air of refinement to his whole appearance, and the stark contrast it creates against his porcelain skin is stunning. Veer Rajwant Singh is a remarkable presence both on and off the screen because, in essence, his physical characteristics form a harmonic balance of size and charm that makes him a memorable presence.

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Some Interesting Facts About Veer Rajwant Singh

  • In Chandigarh, India, on February 14, 1991, Veer Rajwant Singh made his debut in the world.
  • Veer Rajwant Singh had an interest in dance ever since he was a youngster, and he attended a Bhangra program at Kalaa Bhavan in Chandigarh.
  • After that, his father signed him up for acting and dance courses simultaneously.Additionally, he was a contestant on the dancing reality TV program known as Boogie Woogie.
  • Veer Rajwant Singh began his career in the theater at a very early age and subsequently considered a career in filmmaking; however, he ultimately opted to pursue a career in acting instead.
  • As a background dancer, he made his debut in the music video for the hit song "Nagada Nagada," which was included in the 2007 film Jab We Met.
  • His father passed away when he was just 15 years old. After that, Veer was promoted to the position of clerk in the Haryana government, which had previously been held by his father. After working there for around six years, he eventually decided to pursue his ambition of becoming an actor and quit his job in 2010 after attending the wedding of his sister.
  • In 2011, he moved to Mumbai, but after a few months of looking for work there without success, he moved back to his hometown of Chandigarh and resumed his previous position in the government with a pay raise of 10,000 rupees.
  • After finding that his profession did not fulfill him, he returned to Mumbai and, in 2015, landed his first part as an interviewee in the television miniseries Neta Sabki Leta.
  • He became well-known for his performance as Nikhil Solanki in the television series What the Folks (2017–2018), in which he appeared.
  • The success of the sitcom may be attributed, in part, to the chemistry he brought to the screen and the relatability of the character he portrayed.
  • As a result of Veer's multifaceted acting abilities, he was cast in a number of additional films, such as "Masoom" and "The Reunion," which helped to establish his standing in the business.

Net Worth Of Veer Rajwant Singh

Veer Rajwant Singh has carved a noteworthy place for himself in the entertainment industry, reflecting his talent and dedication. With a rough estimated net worth of $2 million, he has achieved financial success through various avenues within the realm of acting and casting.

People Also Ask

When Was Veer Rajwant Singh Born?

Veer Rajwant Singh was born on February 14, 1991.

What Was The Initial Name He Was Given At Birth?

He was initially named Veer Pratap Singh.

What Career Path Did He Initially Pursue After His Father's Passing?

Veer took up a government job in his father's position.

In Which Film Did Veer Make His Debut As A Background Dancer?

He appeared as a background dancer in Imtiaz Ali's film "Jab We Met."

What Role Did Veer Start Within The Entertainment Industry?

He began as an assistant casting director.

For Which Tv Series Did Veer Gain Immense Popularity?

Veer gained popularity for his role as Nikhil Solanki in "What the Folks."

What Themes Did "What The Folks" Explore?

The series delved into family dynamics and generational gaps.

Apart From "What The Folks," What Other Projects Has Veer Been A Part Of?

He has worked on projects like "Masoom" and "The Reunion," showcasing his versatile acting skills.


In the journey of Veer Rajwant Singh, we witness a tale of determination and transformation. Veer's journey exemplifies what it means to be resilient, beginning with the death of his father while he was still a little child and continuing with his pursuit of a career in acting despite working for the government. The fact that he went from being a background dancer to being a well-known actor and casting director demonstrates the versatility of his abilities.
His breakthrough performance as Nikhil Solanki in the film "What the Folks" launched him to popularity, and following productions cemented his place as a prominent figure in the entertainment business. The story of Veer Rajwant Singh is one of unyielding zeal and flexibility, and it serves as an example to othersfor how they should pursue their goals with unyielding intensity.
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