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Vincius Jr. Of Real Madrid Claims LaLiga Is "Doing Nothing" About Racist Abuse

Vincius Jr. of Real Madrid claims LaLiga is "doing nothing" about racist abuse. Real Madrid forward Vincius Jr. accused LaLiga of "doing nothing" about racism at matches after the Brazil star appeared to be the target of racial abuse during Real's 2-0 win at Real Valladolid on Friday. Vincius Jr. was playing for Real Madrid. Real Valladolid is in the same league as Real Madrid.

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Vincius Jr. of Real Madrid claims LaLiga is "doing nothing" about racist abuse. Real Madrid forward Vincius Jr. accused LaLiga of "doing nothing" about racism at matches after the Brazil star appeared to be the target of racial abuse during Real's 2-0 win at Real Valladolid on Friday. Vincius Jr. was playing for Real Madrid. Real Valladolid is in the same league as Real Madrid.

The Racism Incident

The Real star wrote on Twitter on Saturday:
Racists still keep going to the stadiums and keep following closely the biggest club in the world and the Liga keeps doing nothing about it. I shall keep my head held high and will keep celebrating my victories and those of Real Madrid.- Vincius Jr.
Following his substitution, the 22-year-old player was shown in videos shared on social media walking behind the goal while fans yelled insults at him and threw objects in his direction.
LaLiga issued a statement saying that it had found "racist insults" posted on social media by some fans at the Estadio de Zorrilla and that the offenses will be reported to the Anti-Violence Commission and the Public Prosecutor's Office as hate crimes.
The statement read:
LaLiga will continue to lead the fight against the scourge of racism, xenophobia and intolerance in sport, not only with words but also with actions …- LaLiga

Vincius Júnior Facts

Vinicius José Paixao de Oliveira Jnior, more commonly known as Vinicius Jnior or Vini Jr., is a Brazilian professional footballer who currently plays on the wing for Real Madrid of La Liga and for the Brazil national team. He is also known by the nickname Vini Jr. He is known for his dribbling skills, high pace, and playmaking, all of which have helped him earn a reputation as one of the best wingers in the world.
Vincius started his professional career at Flamengo, where he made his senior debut in 2017, when he was only 16 years old. Vincius was born in So Goncalo. A few weeks later, Vincius was the subject of a transfer to La Liga club Real Madrid, for whom he signed in a deal that was worth £38 million, which was a national record for a player under the age of 18.
Vincius set the record for the most money ever paid to a U-18 player. The transfer became official shortly after Vincius turned 18, and he made his first appearance for the club during the 2018–19 season.
Vincius had already established himself as a prominent member of Real Madrid's squad by the time he was in his fourth season. He was a key contributor to the club's success in the 2021–22 La Liga season and scored the game-winning goal in the 2022 UEFA Champions League Final victory.
Vincius Junior's football career began in 2006, when his father took him to the Flamengo branch offices in the Mutuá neighborhood of So Gonçalo, where he lived. His club profile listed him as a left-back.
Vincius came from a poor family and moved to Aboliço with his uncle, Ulisses, to shorten the distance to Ninho do Urubu (the "Vultures' Nest"). He began to receive financial assistance from Flamengo as well as assistance from entrepreneurs.
Between 2007 and 2010, Vincius attended futsal classes at Flamengo's school in So Gonçalo at the Canto do Rio, a well-known club in Niterói's center.
Vincius took a futsal trial for Flamengo in 2009, when he was nine years old. The club recognized his potential, but due to his youth, he was asked to return the following year. However, he decided he preferred football to futsal and did not return. Vincius passed his football tests at Flamengo in August 2010.
Vincius had a breakout season with Real Madrid in 2021-22, with his goalscoring and assist output increasing dramatically, allowing him to form an effective offensive partnership from the left wing with striker Karim Benzema.
Carlo Ancelotti, the club's manager, praised him for his defensive work-rate and positioning, as well as his creative abilities and talent, noting that he was able to improve his tactical knowledge and physical condition, as well as his finishing, throughout the season.
His performances prompted the Spanish press to compare him to fellow countryman Neymar. Following his goal in Real Madrid's 2022 Champions League final victory, Neymar referred to Vincius as "the best player in the world." Later that month, FourFourTwo's Ed McCambridge ranked Vincius as the world's second-best left winger.

Final Words

Before the Madrid derby in September 2022, a group of Atletico Madrid fans were heard chanting in a racist manner toward Vincius Jr. The chanting was captured on camera.
In the same month, Vincius Jr. had spoken out against the criticism he had received for his dancing celebrations of goals, which he described as being racist.
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