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Wynton Harvey - Creative Mind Of The Youngest Son Of Steve Harvey

Whether you like it or not, if you have a famous parent, you will end up in the spotlight. Wynton Harvey's father, Steve Harvey, is well-known. His father is a well-known comedian who hosts a TV show, and he works in the fashion business.

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People know Wynton Harveyas the son of well-known comedian and actor Steve Harvey. He is a well-known social media personality in the United States. The Steve Harvey Morning Show and Family Feud are both hosted by his father.
Wynton is the son of Steve Harvey's second wife, and his mother's name is Mary Lee. He has a sister named Brandi, a sister named Karli, and a brother named Broderick. They are each other's step-siblings.
Wynton Harvey works in the field of photography. In this article, you'll learn everything you need to know about Wynton Harvey, from his work to his personal life.

Quick Facts About Wynton Harvey

NameWynton Brycelon Ali Harvey
BirthdayJuly 18, 1997
Age25 years old
Net worth$500 thousand

Who Is Wynton Harvey?

Smiling Wynton Harvey wearing a black jacket
Smiling Wynton Harvey wearing a black jacket
Wynton Brycelon Ali Harvey is the son of TV star Steve Harvey and his ex-wife, Mary Lee Harvey. After they broke up, Wynton's parents fought for a long time over who would take care of him, but the boy stayed with his famous dad.
At age 11, Wynton found that he loved taking pictures. After downloading graphic editors, he started making changes to images and giving them his own style. The young man continued to study at Atlanta, Georgia's Savannah College of Art and Design. He says that his goal is to make the most expensive and beautiful photograph possible.
Wynton Harvey also works with modeling. He also went on Steve's show and was in his Wynton & Lori Pack for College video on YouTube. The father and son are actually pretty close and love spending time together. For example, they went to St. Tropez in the year 2019.
Since 2016, Wynton has been linked to Taylor Gordon, a blogger who is the daughter of Ed Gordon, a journalist and Bet Tonight host.

Wynton Harvey Career

Wynton Harvey bio-Son of Steve harvey & Marylee Harvey they have changed religion |Hollywood Stories

Since 2010, Wynton Harvey has turned his love of photography from a hobby into a way of life. In 2016, Harvey started to find his own voice in his field by going into photography as a career.
In his studio in Atlanta, Georgia, he took pictures of everything from landscapes and portraits to high fashion, products, and conceptual shots of everyday items. Harvey has taken pictures of a wide range of things in a unique way because he tries new things and keeps at them.
Harvey's main focus is on fine art photography, but he keeps his versatility in all of his work. Since the beginning of his career, he has put making the most luxurious and aesthetically pleasing photos at the center of his creative process.
Harvey creates a body of work that shows not only what he sees but also how he sees it. He gets ideas from minimalist design, the Victorian era, African cultures, and modern art.
Harvey is always trying to make his audience feel something, think about something, or just pay attention to him. Harvey's goal is for his and his audience's worlds to grow as a result of his careful planning and high-quality visual stimulation.
He opened a studio in Atlanta, where he takes portraits, landscapes, and pictures of ideas for everyday objects. At the same time, he has a dream of becoming a fashion designer.
He posts a lot on Instagram and has 91 thousand followers, which is about average. He uses his account to show off his fashion and photography work. Wynton Harvey is also a strong supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement and a human rights activist who fights for the protection of human rights.

Wynton Harvey Net Worth

Wynton has already amassed a substantial fortune as a model and photographer thanks to the foundation he has laid for his profession in photography. It is estimated that he earns more than $65,000 annually from photography, and he makes much more than that from modeling.
Despite having a net worth of $500,000 when he was only 25, he decided to pursue a career in the industry. After reaching his potential as a model and photographer, you can only imagine how close he is getting to being a millionaire in the near future.

Who Is Wynton Harvey Father?

Steve's message to Wynton: I expect great things || STEVE HARVEY

Steve Harvey is an American radio and TV host, actor, author, and businessman who is well known. He is the richest celebrity in the United States.
He is the host of many popular TV shows, such as The Family Feud, Steve Harvey Morning Show, Celebrity Family Feud, Miss Universe, Family Feud Africa, and many others.
He got married to Marcia Harveyin 1980. They had a very happy and peaceful life together, but after 14 years, they broke up because they didn't agree on everything. Marcia's ex-husband, Steve Harvey, gave her three children.
Some of the newsstories say that they got a divorce after it came out that Steve had moved in with Mary Lee Harvey. Steve is married to Marjorie Elaine Harvey at the moment. Since 2007, she has been Wynton's stepmother.
More importantly, Steve's third wife, Marjorie, is currently caring for her seven children and Wayton's seven children as well. She didn't put Wynton above her children, and she always made sure that her life with her children and stepchildren was balanced.

Who Is Wynton Harvey Mother?

Steve's second wife is named Mary Lee Harvey. In 1986, Steve Harvey married her wife, and the two of them raised and cared for Wynton together.
Unfortunately, because of unresolved problems, they both agreed to get a divorce. By 2005, they were no longer together. But the most important thing is that he stays close to his parents.
Marry Lee Harvey wanted to be a makeup artist for a living. She was arrested in 2013 because she didn't follow the court's orders. Because of this, she spent Christmas behind bars.

Wynton Harvey Parents Relationship

His mother is Mary Lee Harvey, and his father is Steve Harvey (father). Steve Harvey has been married three times, and one of his ex-wives is Wynton's mother. Before splitting up in 2005, the couple had been married for ten years. It was a very dramatic and eventful custody battle, but the actor won and got full custody of Wynton Harvey.
Mary and Steve's life was very calm and peaceful for ten years, and they were always there for each other. But because they couldn't settle their differences, they got a divorce, which led both of them to go to court to get custody of Steve Harvey.
Mary Lee Harvey got a good settlement, which included three of their homes, $40,000 a month until 2009, and $1.5 million. However, she broke the court order in 2013 when she accused Steve Harvey of abusing their children. Mary didn't have any proof to back up her claims, so the comedian's name was cleared.
The judge sided with his dad, Steve Harvey, and gave him custody of his son, Wynton Harvey. Wynton Harvey now lives with his father, but he keeps getting in touch with his mother, Mary Lee Harvey.

Interesting Facts About Wynton Harvey

  • There are six step-siblings for Wynton Harvey.
  • He is the last child of Steve Harvey.
  • Steve Wynton loves art and photography like crazy.
  • Wynton Brycelon Ali Harvey wants to have a serious relationship.
  • His guardian is Steve Harvey.
  • Wynton Harvey is on his way to being worth a million dollars.
  • He works to help people and is an activist.

People Also Ask

How Rich Is Steve Harvey?

Steve Harvey is an American comedian, businessman, show host, and entertainer with a $200 million net worth. He is known as the host of "The Steve Harvey Morning Show" "Family Feud" and "Celebrity Family Feud," both of which are popular game shows.

Does Steve Harvey Have A Son Called Ali?

Wynton Brycelon Ali Harvey is well-known because he is the son of Steve Harvey. Wynton Harvey, who is 25 years old, looks a lot like his father. There is no doubt that Wynton Harvey is Steve Harvey's biological son.

Who Is Wynton Harvey's Mother?

Mary Lee Harvey, who was his dad's second wife, had Wynton Harvey.


Wynton Harvey is still young, so he has a lot to show. He got a degree in Arts because he loved photography so much. So, he works as a professional photographer and model and has a studio in Atlanta.
He is also interested in fashion and wants to be a fashion designer when he grows up. Wynton loves spending time with his blended family and gets along well with everyone.
He isn't afraid to talk about human rights and takes part in peaceful demonstrations. As a photographer, he wants to show the world the most beautiful and interesting pictures he can take.
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