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Home Protection Spells For Banishing Negative Energies

Anything done as part of home protection spells has the goal of driving away ill omens from our home. Our grandmothers' minor rituals and superstitions serve as a reminder. Each of us has different strategies for protecting our homes from the negative influences of the outside world.

Author:Suleman Shah
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Anything done as part of home protectionspellshas the goal of driving away ill omens from our home. Our grandmothers' minor rituals and superstitions serve as a reminder. Each of us has different strategies for protecting our homes from the negative influences of the outside world.
Below, you'll find some home protection spellsfor safeguarding your beloved house.

Things You Need For Home Protection Spells


  • One tiny black candle.
  • Sage oil or dried sage.
  • A dried rosemary sticks or rosemary oil.
  • If you don't have any bowls, use ashtrays. If you're using oils, you only need one bowl.
  • A ceremonial blade or tiny pin.

Casting The Spell

  • Take your candle and mark a protection symbol on it with your ritual knife. We don't want any injuries caused by casting spells, so use caution!
  • Make a smoke-cleansing bundle out of dried sage and rosemary if you're using them. If you're using oils, generously anoint your candle with both of them.
  • Face your front door and take a seat. Put both bowls in your line of sight. Don't worry if you can't cast this spell in front of the entrance. You can cast this spell in any entryway of the home if there aren't enough distractions nearby; just try to get as close to the front door as you can. As previously stated, if the restroom is the only place you can concentrate without being interrupted, use it! Face the doorway and take a seat on the ground.
  • Put the smoke-cleansing bundle in one bowl and the inscribed candle in the other. Put an anointed candle in each bowl if you're using two candles.
  • Take five full breaths to center yourself and relax. Relax and concentrate.
  • Both bowls' contents should be lit.
  • Imagine your home being filled with purifying energy as you see the smoke from the cleansing bundle rise. If you are only utilizing anointed candles, visualize the oil's aroma as smoke ascending into your home and filling it with a shielding force.
  • Focus intently on the candle flame as you stare into it. Imagine it transforming all the negative emotions you experience into uplifting ideas and forces. With the smoke (or aroma) of sage and rosemary chasing out any leftover negative energies and enveloping your home in a protective glow, concentrate on how the candle flame is changing the bad energy in your home into good energy.
  • Chant, “Sage and Rosemary I call on you, impart your protective energies to me. Cleanse my home and all those in it, allow me to harness your protective spirits. Candle flame transform for me, all the present negativity. Turn it to joy, love and light and bring me laughter through day and night. So Mote it Be.”

How to Craft a Home Protection Spell Candle

People Also Ask

How Can You Perform Home Protection Spells Perfectly?

Choosing a quiet and peaceful spot to perform the ritual because intent and focus are crucial to ensuring the manifestationof a home protection spell.

What Does A Home Protection Spell Do?

The spell for home protection will assist in purifying both your home and your energies. Your home's energy will be reset, allowing you to live your lifewithout feeling like a cloud is over you.

What Is The Importance Of White Sage In Home Protection?

As the only plant that may be used for "smudging" or "cleaning" negative energy, white sage has come to be associated with these concepts. So, it is very helpful in-home cleaning spells.


With the help of home protection spells devoted solely to the defense of your home, you may banish negative energy, fend off unpleasant people, and protect your possessions, and your space. By using the above simple home protection spell, you've simultaneously protected your house and banished all bad energy.
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