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Jar Spells For Love And Money 2022

Jar spells, commonly referred to as "witch bottles," are spiritual instruments that can assist people in discovering and pursuing their deepest wishes. How to make one (or more!) for whatever it is you're looking for is explained here. Are you prepared to begin?

Author:Suleman Shah
Reviewer:Han Ju
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Jar spells, commonly referred to as "witch bottles," are spiritual instruments that can assist people in discovering and pursuing their deepest wishes. How to make one (or more!) for whatever it is you're looking for is explained here.
Are you prepared to begin? Here are four easy jar spellsthat you may create and personalize:

Love Potion Jar Spell

You'll require:
  • Honey in a small to medium-sized jar.
  • Alcohol of preference (vodka, rum, tequila, etc.)
  • To express love with healthy boundaries, use rose petals and thorns.
  • Herbs associated with love (such as blue lotus for an aphrodisiac, lavender for healing, patchouli for passion, oregano for good luck, and so on)
  • A rose-quartz-like crystal (optional).
  • A writing instrument, and paper.
  • One candle.
  • Lighter or matches.

Instructions For Love Jar Spell

  • Your rose petals and thorns, herbs, and crystals should all be placed in a jar along with a little honey and alcohol.
  • In the jar, write your intention in the past or present tense (not the future tense), for example, "I found a lover."
  • A candle should be lit, and you should declare your purpose to the universe while imagining what it would be like to achieve it.
  • Add some candle wax to the lid to seal the jar.
  • Chant, dance, play the drums, etc. to increase the intensity (optional).
  • In a sink, let the candle burn completely out. After it has finished burning, pause to mentally finish your ritual.

Money Jar Spell

You'll require:
  • A little to the medium jar.
  • A jade crystal representing wealth.
  • A gemstone of green aventurine, representing wealth.
  • A little jade plant for prosperity.
  • Ginger for vigor.
  • Thyme for mental clarity.
  • A source of growth.
  • To bind everything together, use flour or rice.
  • A pen and some paper.

Instructions For Money Jar Spell

  • One at a time, place your items in the jar, considering what they each stand for and how they relate to your intention.
  • Put your intention in writing and put it in the jar (i.e., "Money flows my way" or "My lifeis filled with abundance").
  • A light should be lit, and you should speak your intention aloud while seeing how it will look in the future.
  • Use candle wax to cap your container.
  • Finish the process by putting your jar somewhere you will see it frequently to serve as a reminder of your intention.

People Also Ask

What Are Jar Spells?

Essentially, a jar spell is a physical manifestationof a spell. These tiny jars can help people show they are in charge and make their intentions stronger.

What Does The Witchy Homestead Author Say About Jar Spells?

The Witchy Homestead author Nikki Van Der Car explains that jar spells are a place to collect the ideas and aspirations you wish to include in your intended spell. They give you a specific goal to concentrate on as you attempt to realize your aspirations.

What Is A Honey Jar Spell?

A honey jar magic, also known as a sugar jar spell or a sweetener spell, is used to change or "sweeten" certain factors in your life, such as the behavior of an ex-lover, a jealous coworker, a supervisor with whom you are no longer on good terms, and so on.


The origins of jar spells can be traced to 17th-century folk magic. Jar spells were once employed as a form of protection to fend off evil spirits, but today they have a much wider range of uses. Furthermore, you don't necessarily have to identify as a witch to employ them.
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