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Seasoned Producer, Production Manager, Actor - Meet Jeff Pangman

Ever heard of Jeff Pangman? He had minor roles in several hit TV series. However, this well-traveled Canadian has earned more success behind the camera.

Author:Suleman Shah
Reviewer:Han Ju
Nov 15, 202312.2K Shares197K Views
This might be your first time to learn about Jeff Pangman.
He has been, for the past 20 years, part of various projects and campaigns, particularly those for American and Canadian companies and production studios.
His expertise allows the creative team to focus on the artistic aspects of filmmaking or television production while ensuring that the project stays on schedule and within budget.
Aside from being one of the unseen forces behind every film and TV ad, Jeff Pangman also dabbles in acting.
Let’s find out more about this amazing individual of superb talent.

Jeff Pangman Age

Jeffrey “Jeff” Pangman is a middle-aged guy (between 40 and 60 years old) born in Canada.
He’s the father of a male child, who, based on his Instagram post, graduated from preschool in June 2018.
Jeff Pangman in bucket hat carrying his toddler son holding a rabbit stuffed toy on a field with tall green crops
Jeff Pangman in bucket hat carrying his toddler son holding a rabbit stuffed toy on a field with tall green crops
Based on his LinkedIn profile, he’s:
  • a producer/line producer since 2010 (over 13 years as of 2023)
  • a production manager from 2003 to June 2013 (more than 10 years)
As of this writing, he has so far received 41 endorsements: 32 for film and nine for video production.
In addition, seven of the people he worked with before found him “highly skilled.”
According to the Biography section of his website, regardless of what role he assumes in each movie and project, Jeff Pangman describes himself as “adaptable.”
He underlined his “efficiency and effectiveness” as an industry worker.
For remote work, he assures he can handle it well. His excellent communication and interpersonal skills will shine through even in the virtual world.
He’s comfortable dealing with clients, directors, people in agencies, etc. even if such will be carried out online.
For five years, he visited various places in:
  • Africa
  • Australia
  • Europe
  • the Middle East
After traveling to different continents, Jeff Pangman flew back to Canada and decided to pursue formal learning.
Thus, he enrolled at these learning institutions:
  • Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University)
  • University of Toronto
He studied film history, theory, and criticism.
His personal websitedoesn’t indicate the inclusive years of his stay in either school. There, he indicated “Ryerson University” instead of its current name.
This university in Toronto, Ontario, Canada was renamed in 2022, reported CBC/Radio-Canada.
He should update his website soon.
Jeff Pangman was part of more than 400 projects in the entertainment industry either as a producer or as a production manager. These projects include:
  • documentaries
  • music videos
  • short films
  • TV commercials
He worked behind the scenes in movies shot in:
  • Iceland
  • Europe
  • North and South America
  • South Africa
A talented person, Jeff Pangman can detect a project’s capability to become exceptional.
In addition, since he’s been in the industry for two decades, he’s established a solid network. So, Jeff Pangman knows the right people to contact or refer when it comes to getting the “most cost-efficient solutions” for projects.
Moreover, he prides himself as being knowledgeable on what he calls as “‘above’” and “‘below-the-line’” production rudiments.
Jeff Pangman in a jacket and cap cycling along the beach and making the rock-and-roll hand sign
Jeff Pangman in a jacket and cap cycling along the beach and making the rock-and-roll hand sign

Jeff Pangman Social Media

Jeff Pangman can be found on Facebook and Instagram. However, upon checking, it appears that he’s not active on social media.
He joined Facebook (@jeff.pangman) in March 2007 and as of this writing has 1,116 friends. Both his cover photo (posted in April 2012) and profile picture (posted in December 2013) are that of his pet dog, Bruce.
His last public post was on March 28, 2023.
On Instagram (@jeffpangman), he has:
  • 197 posts
  • 1,008 accounts that he follow
Some of the companies - production studios, commercial/film, casting - that follow him include (unless indicated, they’re located in Canada):
BoldlyRMB Casting (California)
Filmotechnic CanadaSpacebrain Entertainment (Los Angeles)
Iconic Editorial (Los Angeles)Sparks Productions
Partners FilmSteam Films
Powerhouse CastingVersatile Media
As for personalities who follow him, here are some of them:
  • Bella Alarie, former professional basketball player
  • Anthony Bewlz, actor and model
  • Michelle Jobin, TV host and producer
  • Nimit Malavia, award-winning Illustrator and comic book artist
  • Matt Ryan, cinematographer
Jeff Pangman follows:
  • rapper 50 Cent
  • rock band Counting Crows
  • actor Tom Cruise
  • famous fictional internet personality Daquan
  • swimmer and Olympian Michael Phelps
  • bestselling author Shawn Stevenson
He last updated his IG account on March 28, 2023.
On that day, he actually posted the same stuff on Facebook and Instagram. It’s about one of his projects carried out in the Canadian province of British Columbia.
The Canadian Armed Forces launched a campaign, and Jeff Pangman was part of it as producer. Feast Interactive Agency, a Toronto-based ad and marketing agency, was the one in charge.
On this project, he worked with award-winning director-writer Ante Kovac, who previously did campaigns for Honda and Dove. Some of the music videos he directed in the past were for MTV.
He uploaded several pictures and praised BC Film crews for consistently being “stellar.”

Jeff Pangman Toronto

Jeff Pangman lives in Toronto, Canada.
Though his projects are often in his country, he states in his personal website that he has a valid U.S. work visa.
For those who want to reach out to him for work-related concerns, they can send him an email at <>.
According to his Facebook account, he’s in a relationship with Stephanie Weber, who’s also from Toronto.
In November 2013, Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail featured his house on its website for its “Home of the Week” segment.
In an interview with Jeff Pangman, the actor said that in 2006, he passed by the property while walking together with his dog in a neighborhood called 2 Miles Place in Toronto.
It’s a pink garage and referred to it as “a shack in a laneway.” He bought it for $159,000.
What happened to that unattractive garage located in a back alley after its purchase? Did he rent it out to those who need a safe parking space?
Façade of Jeff Pangman’s house with curved roof; a flight of wooden stairs with glass banister
Façade of Jeff Pangman’s house with curved roof; a flight of wooden stairs with glass banister
Well, it’s now a gorgeous 2-storey house, with a curved barn-inspired roof and a rooftop deck.
The article describes it this way:
From the outside, the house has an industrial feel, with its exposed steel beams, wooden and corrugated metal sides, and asymmetrical windows.- Madeleine White, The Globe and Mail
Natural light bathes the interior through the glass doors at the rooftop deck, where he placed a gray modular sofa.
Before the shack’s transformation, Jeff Pangman said that he lived there for a while, and it was then when he drew his design plans.
He showed his drawings to Terence Van Elslander, an architect from Toronto, and hired him.
It can be said that Jeff Pangman loves wood for his house. Aside from the wooden floors, the ceiling, the staircase, the windows are all made of either oak or Douglas fir (an evergreen tree).
He told Madeleine White, the one who wrote the article:
I really wanted to design something with clean lines and I was big into wood.- Jeff Pangman
When the place was still being constructed, he shared that he enjoyed hanging out at the top of the stairs because it made him look down and see the property from a different view.
At the time of the article’s publication, Jeff Pangman was selling it for $829,000.

Jeff Pangman Work Portfolio

Below are some of the companies/institutions that Jeff Pangman worked for:
a. Car manufacturers
  • General Motors (for its Chevrolet)
  • Jeep
  • Mazda (Japanese; twice and one for its CX3 model)
  • Subaru (Japanese; for its sports car, the BRZ)
b. Food
  • Butterball (poultry and turkey products)
  • Chips Ahoy!, cookie brand by Nabisco
  • Dairy Farmers of Ontario in collaboration with OREO
  • KFC Canada in collaboration with American music group Too Many Zooz
  • KitKat, chocolate wafer bar by Nestlé
  • Jack Link’s (beef jerky) - Jeff Pangman worked for it twice
  • McDonald’s
  • POM Wonderful, an American food company
  • Ritz, cracker brand by Nabisco
  • Walmart
c. Clothing
  • Mark’s
  • Under Armour
  • Wrangler
The Under Armour 2021 “Mental Strength” campaign features American swimmer Michael Phelps (now we have an idea why Jeff Pangman follows him on Instagram) and British professional boxer Anthony Joshua.
d. Garmin(American tech company)
  • cycling collection
  • Fenix 6 multisport watch
  • Instinct GPS watch
  • surf watch
e. Miscellaneous
  • Amazon
  • Canadian Armed Forces
  • Canada LifeInsurance
  • Centrum (multivitamins)
  • PetSmart, a pet store chain in the U.S.
  • RBC Avion Visa (travel credit card)
A delightedly surprised Jeff Pangman in brown jacket in a scene opposite a woman in ‘Eureka’
A delightedly surprised Jeff Pangman in brown jacket in a scene opposite a woman in ‘Eureka’

Jeff Pangman Movies And TV Shows

He doesn’t indicate in his LinkedIn account that he also works as a TV actor. He only included his professional work experience as a line producer and production manager.
However, whenever an opportunity comes, Jeff Pangman accepts an acting gig. Young Canadian Artists Agency (YCAA) represents him.
He hasn’t yet received a movie role but appeared in American and Canadian TV series. Jeff Pangman appeared in the following shows, as compiled by Metacritic:
a. Man Seeking Woman
  • sitcom (2015-2017; 3 seasons)
  • as a boss named Charles Powell (Season 1)
b. Good Witch
  • fantasy-comedy-drama (2015-2021; 7 seasons)
  • as Joseph (Season 1)
c. The Strain
  • drama series (2014-2017; 4 seasons)
  • as Bob Welch (Season 1)
d. Lucky 7
  • drama series (2013; 1 season)
  • as Will Watson
e. Beauty & the Beast
  • sci-fi series (2012-2016; 4 seasons)
  • as Detective Connelly (Season 1)
f. Call Me Fitz
  • sitcom (2010-2013; 4 seasons)
  • as an unnamed handsome guy in Season 2 (2011)
g. Lost Girl
  • fantasy-drama series (2010-2016; 5 seasons)
  • as Brad (Season 1)
h. Covert Affairs
  • action-drama series (2010-2014; 5 seasons)
  • as Billy (Season 1)
i. Rookie Blue
  • police drama series (2010-2015; 6 seasons)
  • as an unnamed client (Season 1)
j. G-Spot
  • adult comedy series (2005-2009; 3 seasons)
  • as George, Stella’s (played by Heather Hanson) driver (Season 1)

Jeff Pangman - People Also Ask

Who Played Duncan On ‘Eureka?’

In Syfy’s (formerly Sci-Fi Channel) sci-fi TV series Eureka(2006-2012; five seasons), Jeff Pangman appeared in two episodes.
He played the role of Duncan McTavish, an epidemiologist (someone who studies the patterns, causes, and effects of diseases and other health-related conditions in specific populations).
Duncan is the love interest of Lexi Carter (played by Ever Carradine). They’re both recurring characters.
Lexi is the younger sibling of Jack Carter (played by Colin Ferguson), the main male protagonist in the series. She got pregnant (twin boys) and Duncan’s the father, but he initially didn’t know.
Jeff Pangman first appeared in Insane in the P-Brane(Season 3, Episode 11), which aired on July 24, 2009 and directed by the renowned film and TV director and producerSteve Miner.
He made his second and final appearance in It’s Not Easy Being Green(Season 3, Episode 12), which aired on July 31, 2009 and directed by Sarah Pia Anderson.
Jeff Pangman in three layers of clothing cringing while in character in ‘Eureka’
Jeff Pangman in three layers of clothing cringing while in character in ‘Eureka’

What Is The Role Of Film Production Manager?

It’s mentioned that when he’s not in front of the camera acting, Jeff Pangman is behind the scenes as a production manager.
In the context of filmmaking, a production manager plays a crucial role in coordinating and overseeing various aspects of the production process to ensure the smooth and efficient execution of the project.
Their responsibilities typically include:
a. Budgeting and Scheduling
They allocate resources (e.g., funds and personnel) and create a detailed schedule for the production.
b. Hiring and Supervising Crew
Production managers are involved in hiring key personnel, including:
  • department heads
  • key crew members
To ensure that skilled and qualified individuals are hired for each role, the likes of Jeff Pangman coordinate with various departments, such as:
  • art direction
  • cinematography
  • costume design
c. Logistics and Planning
Production managers are responsible for the logistical aspects of the shoot. This includes:
  • securing locations
  • arranging transportation and accommodation for the cast and crew
  • ensuring that all necessary permits and legal requirements are met
d. Problem-Solving
Filmmaking often involves unexpected challenges and obstacles.
Production managers like Jeff Pangman must be adept at problem-solving and finding solutions to issues that may arise during the production process.
Such problems can include:
  • managing conflicts among crew members
  • dealing with equipment malfunctions
  • adjusting the schedule due to unforeseen circumstances
e. Communication
Effective communication is crucial in filmmaking, and production managers serve as a central point of contact between various departments.
They need to ensure that information flows smoothly among the:
  • director
  • producers
  • different department heads
f. Risk Management
Production managers like Jeff Pangman assess potential risks to the production and develop strategies to mitigate them.
This can include factors, such as:
  • weather conditions
  • health and safety concerns
  • any other unforeseen events that could impact the production
g. Post-Production Support
While the primary focus is on the production phase, production managers may also be involved in coordinating certain aspects of post-production.
They can supervise the delivery of materials to editors or ensure that post-production facilities are booked.

What Is The Line Producer Mainly Responsible For?

A line producer is a key member of any of these:
  • film
  • television
  • video production team
This role involves managing and overseeing the physical aspects of production (e.g., schedule and resources).
The term “line” in line producer refers to the fact that this role is directly involved in the “line” or day-to-day operations of the production process.
Key responsibilities of a line producer like Jeff Pangman may include:
a. Budgeting
Creating and managing the budget for the production. This involves allocating funds to various departments and ensuring that the overall production stays within budget.
b. Scheduling
Developing and maintaining a detailed production schedule.
This includes coordinating the timing of various elements, such as:
  • shooting schedules
  • locations
  • equipment rentals
c. Resource Management
Overseeing the allocation of resources (e.g., personnel, equipment and facilities).
This involves coordinating with various departments to ensure they have what they need when they need it.
d. Problem-Solving
Addressing issues and challenges that arise during production.
Line producers like Jeff Pangman need to be skilled problem solvers and decision-makers to keep the production on track.
e. Contract Negotiation
Negotiating contracts with vendors, crew members, and other stakeholders to ensure that services are provided within the budget constraints.
f. Supervision
Providing day-to-day supervision of the production team.
They ensure that everyone is working efficiently and effectively toward the common goal of completing the project.
g. Risk Management
Identifying and managing risks that could impact the production. This includes anticipating potential issues and developing contingency plans.
Overall, a line producer like Jeff Pangman plays a crucial role in turning the creative vision of a project into a reality by managing the practical and logistical aspects of production.

Final Thoughts

The contribution of Jeff Pangman in numerous campaigns and projects shall remain valuable.
For one, as a production manager, he’s a key figure in the filmmaking process, helping to ensure that the project is completed on time, within budget, and according to the creative vision of the filmmakers.
He may not have become a well-known film and TV actor, but Jeff Pangman shines on his own in the industry as an incredible line producer and production manager.
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