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Who Is Karli Harvey? Steve Harvey's Successful Daughter

The oldest daughter of Steve Harvey, Karli Harvey, became well-known as a consequence of her father's standing in the show business. She also frequently appears on her father Steve Harvey's talk show.

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The oldest daughter of Steve Harvey, Karli Harvey, became well-known as a consequence of her father's standing in show business. She also frequently appears on her father Steve Harvey's talk show.
Over the last several years, hairdresser Karli Harvey has attracted a lot of support and interest from the general public. Leaving that aside, a lot of people want to know more about her personal life. We are here to help you because of this.
Karli Harvey has an active lifestyle since she is the famous comedian's daughter. In addition to peeping into their private lives, the media closely monitors her job and profits.

Quick Facts About Karli Harvey

Full NameKarli Harvey
Birth PlaceThe United States
Birth DateAugust 20, 1982
Nick NameKarli
Weight68 kg
Height5 feet 7 inches
Father’s NameSteve Harvey
Mother’s NameMarcia Harvey
Age40 Years Old
ProfessionHairstylist, Entrepreneur, Public Speaker
Wedding DateSeptember 2015
HusbandBenjamin Raymond

Early Life And Childhood Of Karli Harvey

Karli Harvey was born on August 20, 1982, and is now 40 years old. Her zodiac sign is Leo because of her mid-August birthdate. Karli has the same characteristics, having been born in America and being a citizen of the country.
Speaking about her race and religion, she is of African American descent and practices Christianity. Karli is also the daughter of Steve Harvey and Marcia Harvey. Speaking about her personal life, Her father, Steve Harvey, is an actor and producer best known for his work on The Steve Show.
In the early 1980s, he also started as a comedian and performed stand-up comedy. He also took over as host of "The Steve Harvey Show." Bradi Harvey and Broaderick Harvey Jr. are the names of Karli's identical siblings. Her father had three marriages to account for her family history.
She is the daughter of his father's first marriage, which lasted from 1980 to 1994.
Wynton Harveyis a half-brother that she has. Karli also has three half-siblings, named Morgan Harvey, Jason Harvey, and Lori Harvey, who was born later in his third marriage.
Speaking about her educational history, she surely had an excellent education since she is a famous child. She hasn't yet made any information about her educational background public, however.
 Karli Harvey Wearing A Wedding Dress Alongside Her Sister Wearing A White Dress
Karli Harvey Wearing A Wedding Dress Alongside Her Sister Wearing A White Dress

Is Karli Harvey The Biological Daughter Of Steve Harvey?

The American hairdresser and businesswoman Karli Harvey is perhaps best known as the daughter of Steve Harvey. In the United States of America, he is well-known as a comedian and talk show host.
Karli Harvey, like her identical sister Bradi Harvey, grew up next to Broaderick Harvey Jr. They were all raised by Steve and Marcia Harvey, his ex-wife. Steve married Mary Lee Harvey after his divorce from Marcia, and they had a son together called Wynton (1997).
However, this marriage did not endure, and in 2007, Steve married Marjorie Harvey for the third time. With Marjorie, Steve has raised three children as his own: Lori, Morgan, and Jason. Karli presently has four half-siblings as a result. Karli is also an American by nationality but is of mixed racial and ethnic heritage.

Career Status Of Karli Harvey

She is recognized, however, as a hairdresser, businesswoman, public speaker, and the child of novelist, host, and comedian Steve Harvey. She has mentored young women via the Harvey and Majorie Foundation and the Disney Dreamers Academy's initiative for female empowerment. There is no other information available about her career.

Karli Harvey's Relationship Status

Karli is married to her devoted husband, Benjamin Raymond, and is in a straight relationship. Benjamin Raymond is the owner of a company, a motivational speaker, and a coach. They both got married in the autumn of 2015. Similarly to this, Benjamin Troy Raymond II is the couple's only child.

The Married Life Of Raymond And Karli Harvey

A successful marriage between American event presenter and businesswoman Karli Harvey and 40-year-old entrepreneur Raymond is his priority. The two exchanged vows on September 26, 2015, at St. Regis Atlanta in Atlanta, Georgia.
Ben looked dapper in a black, three-piece blue tuxedo with a black bow tie and a white rose in his left pocket for their wedding ceremony.
Karli, on the other hand, was wearing a long-sleeved white gown with full lace and was toting a bouquet of white flowers. Additionally, on August 24, 2016, they appeared on the cover of the Fall/Winter 2016 issue of Munaluchi Bride magazine.
The two initially met on June 16 of that year, and they started dating soon after. The pair chose to get married after a five-year relationship, and they got engaged quickly. They've been able to keep their marriage joyful ever since.

Physical Appearance

Karli stands at a height of 5'6" and weighs 62 kg. She also has dark brown hair and black eyes. She also has a fit body structure and a curvy body type.

Some Interesting Facts About Karli Harvey

  • Starlet Karli Harvey is from the United States.
  • Steve Harvey, a well-known American novelist, presenter, and comedian, is the father of Karli Harvey.
  • She is also a renowned businesswoman, motivational speaker, and hairdresser in Atlanta.
  • She has also worked with the Harvey and Majorie Foundation and serves as a mentor.
  • Karli is married to her devoted husband, Benjamin Raymond, and is in a straight relationship.

Net Worth Of Karli Harvey

Karli Harvey is estimated to be worth $20 million. Karli is a successful businesswoman who doubles as a hairdresser and motivational speaker. She has also accumulated a sizeable amount of wealth and gained tremendous notoriety as a result of her job. Similarly to that, she has lived a life of luxury ever since she was born into a family of famous people.
Her father, Steve Harvey, has an estimated net worth of $200 million. His line of work earns him an annual income of almost $45 million, and he owns many million-dollar properties throughout the nation.

People Also Ask

Where Does Karli Harvey Live?

Karli Harvey is an Atlanta resident.

Who Did Karli Harvey Marry?

Karli Harvey married Ben Raymond.

What Does Karli Harvey Do For A Living?

Karli Harvey is an entrepreneur.


Karli Harvey's pleasure with her present circumstances is now tipping the scales between her personal and professional lives. She aspires to achieve a lot in the future, in addition to inspiring her classmates and younger generations.
Karli Harvey is a famous young person in America. The well-known American novelist, presenter, and comedian Steve Harvey's daughter is Karli Harvey. She is also a well-known public speaker, businesswoman, and hairdresser in Atlanta.
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