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Prayer For Pneumonia - Miracle Healing Prayer

Prayer for Pneumonia is our first spiritual reaction to any signs of the disease. We ask, remembering how Jesus won salvation and restoration for us at Calvary. In the name of Jesus, we reject the fear of pneumonia and repent of anything we may have done to restore the disease's authority over us.

Author:Suleman Shah
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God grants his people the power to fight off any disease or its symptoms. When we pray, we should declare that God heals all diseases. Through prayer, God's protection covers us, keeping us safe from all the viruses and bacteria lurking in the shadows that might cause unexpected sickness.
We may also pray against the aftereffects of terror-related disasters and prevent the spread of new diseases and illnesses. Keep in mind that Satan's aim to steal, murder, and destroy is the origin of both sickness and dread.
Prayer for Pneumoniais our first spiritual reaction to any signs of the disease. We ask, remembering how Jesus won salvation and restoration for us at Calvary. In the name of Jesus, we reject the fear of pneumonia and repent of anything we may have done to restore the disease's authority over us.

Healing Prayer For Pneumonia

Dear Heavenly Father,
I humbly beg you to pardon my transgressions and wash me clean of my sins as I stand here before you. Not intentionally causing you pain via infidelity is one of my highest priorities.
Oh Lord, I beg you to have pity on me, and I beg you to cure my lungs right now. Please completely heal my lungs and body of COAD (chronic obstructive airway disease) and any other lung disorders.
Induce my healthback to normal, please. In the name of Jesus Christ, the Lord of heaven and earth, I humbly submit to you now, and I pray thus, believing that you have already answered my request. As always, I appreciate your help, Abba Father.
Another prayer for the child: Please, Heavenly Father, cure this youngster and save him from any other difficulties he may face. Please use your might to defeat the microorganisms that cause pneumonia. In the name of Jesus Christ, I command you to save the kid and make him well again.
Following verses from Bible are quoted here for healing:
Lament 3:56
I know you heard me, so don't cover your ears when you hear me gasp for air or scream for help.
Joel 2:32
For in Zion and in Jerusalem shall be deliverance, as the Lord hath prophesied, and in the remnant whom the Lord shall call; and they shall all be saved.
Acts 17:25
Neither is he worshiped with human handsas if he need anything, because he is the source of lifeand the universe itself.
Psalm 103:3
Who cleanses you from all sin and makes your health whole again;
Psalm 107:20
Through the power of his word, Jesus restored their health and saved them from their devastation.
Psalm 138:1
David's Psalm.
With all my being, I will extol thee; I will sing thy praises before the gods.
In Proverbs chapter twelve, verse eighteen
Some people have sharp tongues like swords, but the words of the wise are healing.
Reference: Jeremiah 17:14
O Lord, if you will only cure me, I will be whole; if you will just rescue me, I will be delivered; for the Lord God is my glory.
Verses 6 of Jeremiah 33
See, I am bringing health and healing to it, and I will heal them, and I will show them the wealth of peace and truth.
1 Peter 3:12
Because God watches after the good and listens to their petitions, while he turns his back on the wicked.
3 John 1:2
I hope that everything goes well for you, my sweetheart.
James 5:16
Confess your sins to one another and pray for one another so that you may be restored to health. A good man's earnest, sincere prayer accomplishes great things.

Prayer for Pneumonia ( End this Now! )

People Also Ask

What Saint Do You Pray To For Your Lungs?

St. Bernardine of Siena, you were miraculously cured of a respiratory disease and went on to teach the compassion and mercy of God to people all throughout the world.

What Is The Most Powerful Prayer For Healing?

Please have compassion on me, Lord. I ask that Your cleaning, purifying, and restoring me to health and strength for service in Your Kingdom be poured into every cell of my body and the depths of my spirit as Your healing hand rests upon me. Amen.

How Do You Pray For Healing The Sick?

Please take care of our concerns, dear God. We entrust our sick to you, and we pray that you will heal your servant. Grant us the wisdom to accept your will and the confidence that all you do is motivated by love for us. Amen.

Final Thought

Praying is an intentional act of communicating with a deity or other object of devotion. Specifically, it is the act of appealing to a god or a saint for help. In a broader sense, prayersmay be offered as expressions of gratitude or praise, and they have many similarities with meditative practices and magical spellsfrom different faith traditions. So, prayer for Pneumonia is our best response to heal from the disease.
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