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Reversal Spells - How Important Is It To Reverse Your Negative Spells?

Curses, jinxes, and hexes cast against you may be returned to their source with increased potency by casting reversal spells. Having everything horrible they wished upon you happen to them is the ultimate act of vengeance.

Author:Suleman Shah
Reviewer:Han Ju
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Curses, jinxes, and hexes cast against you may be returned to their source with increased potency by casting reversal spells. Having everything horrible they wished upon you happen to them is the ultimate act of vengeance.
Magical (as opposed to psychic) assaults are particularly vulnerable to the protection and reversal spells, and these spells work regardless of whether the attacker cast the spell directly or sent it via a Servitor, entity, or demon.
There are still blind spots in these reversals that must be guarded against if we are to keep the innocent safe. The imprisoned element does not need to be tripped during fights with parents, children, or spouses. In most cases, the motivations behind such slights are not intentional but rather innocent.
Candle is on hand
Candle is on hand

Mirror Reversal Spell

One of the most potent tools for both spellcasting and dispelling is the mirror, due to its ability to split off other worlds and reflect energies. Here is how to reverse a hex using a mirror reversal spell. The following steps should be taken if you suspect that you have been the target of baneful ("black") Magic or if you are receiving bad energy from another person or from a specific situation. Items needed are 1 mirror and a waning Moon.

Casting The Spell

  • Locate a clean, undamaged medium-sized oval mirror.
  • The following should be written on the mirror's opaque side (the back): Inside and out, front and back, bounce and banish, never come back.
  • Go outdoors during the declining phase of the Moon and draw a circle on the ground using just the light from the Moon. Feel free to bring any tool you want and use it to cast a circle if you like.
  • The mirror should be placed in the center of the circle with the reflecting side facing upward. Speak the hex reversal chant: As the Moon reflects the light of the Sun, this mirror reflects the evil that's around. Lady of the night help me reverse the spell. To all foul energies I bid farewell.
  • The mirror has been blessed for your safety and will now reflect away any harm that may come your way. Put it up in your house or in your yard beside the entrance (facing outwards).
A woman in red dress is watching herself in mirror
A woman in red dress is watching herself in mirror

People Also Ask

How To Use A Reversal Spell?

While casting reverse magic, it is important to employ protective herbs, oils, and candles. water from the wax, allowing the candle to stand on its own. To avoid soaking the wick, fill the bowl all the way to the brim with clean water. Try sitting quietly and breathing deeply for a while. Light the candle only after you've had some time to collect your thoughts.

Do Witchcraft Spells To Hurt Someone Really Work?

How severe your problem is or how much you are injured; witchcraft spells to damage someone is strong and powerful that will get results no matter the circumstance.

Is A Reversal Spell Contrary To The Golden Rule?

The Wiccan Rede and the Golden Rule do not prohibit the use of reversal spells. Like a Return to Sender Spell, our intent is not to hurt anybody; we are only transmitting a force.

Final Words

It's common practice to replace negative energy with something more uplifting after reversal spells. Perform a ceremony of purification and/or always have an amulet of protection on you.
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