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Strength Tarot Card Meaning - Major Arcana

Tarot's Major Arcana card, Power, represents more than simply brute strength. It stands for many different things that have to do with your inner strength and willpower. The association of strength tarot card meaning with tenacity and grit is clear from the card's artwork and title. You are a strong person if you possess all of these qualities, as well as the capacity to remain composed in stressful situations and cooperate with people while disregarding their flaws or inadequacies.

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Tarot's Major Arcana card, Power, represents more than simply brute strength. It stands for many different things that have to do with your inner strength and willpower. The association of strength tarot card meaningwith tenacity and grit is clear from the card's artwork and title.
You are a strong person if you possess all of these qualities, as well as the capacity to remain composed in stressful situations and cooperate with people while disregarding their flaws or inadequacies.
Your love life, job, or relationships will undoubtedly require a lot of tolerance and patience if this card occurs in your reading. Are you prepared to face the world while wearing protection?

Strength Tarot Card Meaning And Significance

A woman is shown massaging a lion's head and jaw in the Strength Tarot card. The lady's calming, the loving attitude has calmed the monster down despite its ferocity.
She shows through taming the lion that when personal strength and determination are applied, wild instincts and raw emotions can be tamed for good. She doesn't use force or coercion to tame and control the lion. Instead, she relies on her strength of character.
The woman wears a white robe, signifying her spiritual purity, as well as a belt and crown decorated with flowers, representing the manifestationof nature. The infinity symbol that appears over her head represents her boundless ability and wisdom.

Strength Tarot Keywords

Below is a summary of the essential meanings associated with this Major Arcana card before delving more deeply into the upright and reversed Strength tarot meaning and its link to love, work, and life.
  • Upright - Bravery, Courage, Focus, Kindness, Fortitude, Influence
  • Reversed - Insecurity, Weakness, Doubt, Disbelief, Raw Energy
  • Numerology - 8
  • Element - Fire
  • Yes or No - Yes
  • Planet - Sun
  • Astrological Zodiac Sign - Leo

Strength Upright Card Meaning And Guide

The Strength card, like the Chariot, represents power, perseverance, and strength. The Chariot shows force and will from the outside, while the Strength card shows inner strength and the ability to deal with any problem.
True strength is the capacity to resist the difficulties of life. Your physical stamina and tenacity are in perfect harmony with your inner serenity and patience. You've got your priorities in order, and the way you're going about it shows that you're mature and collected.
If the Strength card appears in a tarot reading, it means that your character strength, individual ambition, strong will, and resolve are driving you. You don't try to control people when you are in control of the situation. Simply by exerting influence and persuasion on them covertly.
Othersmay underestimate your impact since your inner power is "invisible" to the exterior world. You should, however, see this as a positive. You don't always need to use force to accomplish goals. Nobody is aware that you are in charge here.
You need to have trust in yourself to get through any emerging concerns, challenges, or doubts. Don't allow fear to prevent you from going after your goals!
The Power card exhorts you to find your inner strength. It advises you to keep moving on despite obstacles in your path or feelings of exhaustion or worry.
You are determined to see things through to their conclusion. Issues will ultimately be resolved as a result of your efforts. You are a sincere friend and a steadfast supporter in times of need. You could also feel obligated to lend to someone who needs it your encouragement and assistance.
The Strength tarot card tells you to control your animal instincts, impulsiveness, and emotional hysteria. This card advises you to use these emotional urges productively if you want to achieve success. When certain things happen, it is normal to expect people to show anger, hatred, or sadness.
What counts most is what you do with these emotions. Now is the moment to find the balance between your instincts and the greater good. Hatred and rage are inappropriate reactions to this circumstance. They are not needed at this moment.
Be loving, compassionate, and kind to both yourself and other people. One advantage of therapyis that it may teach you how to handle any situation that arises in your life. The card also suggests that even in trying circumstances where your fortitude and resolve are being put to the test, you can maintain composure and reason under pressure.
A strong person might take charge of a situation by showing compassion, knowledge, or understanding instead of only using force to get what they want. The Strength tarot card suggests that you are a resolute individual who can do anything if you set your mind to it. You are confident and don't mind expressing your views.

Strength Reversed Card Meaning And Guide

When the Tarot card Strength Reversed appears, pay attention to your inner self-confidence, assertiveness, and strength. Is your sense of self-worth growing or declining? And what actions might you possibly take to regain your composure?
You may feel more vulnerable and insecure if you've just had a setback. Reestablishing your connection to your inner power may never be too late, and this is the ideal time to do it. Be kind to yourself; you could be more capable and resilient than you realize.
By gathering information and insight from your prior experiences, self-confidence may be re-energized. It demonstrates that you have what it takes to succeed and go above and beyond these immediate challenges.
Consider your current state of emotion. You can feel lethargic if you've put in a lot of time helping others or worked hard to accomplish a task. You are encouraged by Strength Reversed to take a break and restore your energy by retiring and unwinding for a bit.
To be able to take care of the needs of others, you must first take care of your own needs. This Strength Reversed card's shadow form might suggest that you are prone to illogical and aggressive behavior. If you don't pause and think before you act, you can make a mistake.
Instead of repressing your emotions, try to discover strategies to manage them so that they don't harm you or other people. If you need assistance controlling these emotions, seek the advice of a qualified professional.
Reversed, the Strength tarot card, suggests that you may no longer have the same sense of fulfillment and pleasure that you once had while undertaking tasks with great passion and love. Because of this, you're happier and less optimistic.
Your physical and mental healthmay suffer if you consistently feel down. This Strength card serves as a reminder to take a break, look after yourself, and refuel.

Strength Tarot In Love Reading

The Strength card may appear when you're facing problems with your family, a friend, or maybe your significant other. This isn't always a negative thing. The Strength tarot card represents your capacity to love others without conditions and accept them as they are, flaws and all.
What could you do to be a bit kinder and more accepting of others? Do you still have unfinished business from the past? Avoid withdrawing from others or yourself when faced with difficulty.
Try to widen your heart and emotions a little more during these trying times. You can improve your mental healthby doing things you enjoy, helping other people, and meditating.
  • Your relationship is causing you issues.
  • Display the persistence of your love.
  • Find ways to widen your heart by doing so.

Strength Tarot Card In Health Reading

If so, how are things now going for you? Do you feel dizzy, have a headache, or have a sore throat? The Strength tarot instructs you to pay attention to your body's urges and instincts, especially when they relate to your health.
You have every right to experience emotions like sadness, rage, or even mild embarrassment as a person. But don't give in to the impulse to act on your emotions! Learn to regulate your animal impulses rather than relying on them to help you through life. You have faith in your capacity to overcome these tough situations.
  • Pay attention to your inner voice.
  • You shouldn't let unfavorable emotions control your behavior.
  • Treat yourself and others around you with respect.

Strength Tarot In Career Meaning

The Strength tarot card is a success-related card that can be used in professional or money readings. If this card showed up in your tarot reading, it means that you already possess all the strength you need to achieve in life.
A leader would be well served to have this on their side. It indicates your readiness and capacity to take on difficulty. This can result in blowback. You will make progress if you are steady and persistent.
You need to come across as calm and in charge of the situation if you want to get a promotion, improve your working relationships, or get a new contract.
A fantastic way to display your inner power at work is by helping others. Think about volunteering more, being available for more projects, or taking on additional work as a volunteer.
Volunteering is a great choice if you're looking for work since it could help you connect with the appropriate people.
  • Everything you need to be successful is already in your possession.
  • Keep your composure and your sense of self-assurance high.
  • Help others by offering your time and abilities.

Astrology And Strength Tarot Card

Since the Strength tarot card features a powerful lion, we may assume that it is likewise linked to the Leo zodiac sign. This card's theme is using power without becoming domineering. It all comes down to tenacity, courage, and patience.
Simply said, because Leo is ruled by the planet Sun, we are allowed to shine and show off our true skills and confidence. The Leo zodiac sign and the Sun are both connected to the fire element.

Strength Tarot Yes Or No Reading

The Power card is all about finding your inner strength to control a circumstance. You can change things on your own and don't need to rely on others.
When the Strength card is taken from the Tarot deck, a Yes/No reading nearly invariably answers "Yes." Use your instincts, love, and other manly traits to overcome the circumstances.

Strength Tarot And Numerology

The eighth Major Arcana card in the tarot deck is called Strength. The number eight represents infinity due to its geometric shape. It's a number that always acts as a reminder that everything has a start and a finish. Additionally, the Strength tarot card features the infinity symbol.
Eight is associated with foundations, stability, and stability. Many harvests take place at this time of year, and for some people, it also signals the start of fall.

People Also Ask

What Does The Strength Tarot Card Mean In Love?

The tarot card's meaning of strength in termsof love is one of generosity, sympathy, and fortitude.

Is Strength A Good Tarot Card?

If you're single, this is a great time to meet someone since the strength card will highlight your confidence.

Does The Strength Tarot Card Mean Yes?

The Strength card advises you that actual control over a situation can only come from the inside. You can change things; you don't need outside forces.


The analysis of the strength tarot card meaning is now complete! Did the meaning of this card in your tarot reading fit with what was going on in your life at the time? If this card appears in your reading, it indicates that you have the inner power to go through whatever difficulties you encounter.
You can be successful in anything you try! If you're single, this is a great time to meet someone since the strength card will highlight your confidence. This may be a hint of things to come if you're dating someone who has a bit of a wacky side.
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