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Surrender Spiritually - What Should We Know About Its Stages And Steps For Peace?

Surrender spiritually means ceasing to struggle against "what is," letting go of life's smallness and truly embracing its fullness. Surrender spiritually ultimately seeks to become more open, real, and present in each moment.

Author:Suleman Shah
Reviewer:Han Ju
Jan 09, 2023
If you like someone, you've found yourself in a terrible circumstance and don't know what to do.
You may feel like you've reached your breaking point or that you've tried everything and nothing has worked.
In these situations, it might help to surrender spiritually.
Surrendering doesn't mean giving up or giving in; it means letting the universe work through you and opening yourself up to spiritual guidance.
Surrender may be one of the most misunderstood spiritual words.
It is frequently seen as giving up or becoming passive.
Surrender spiritually, on the other hand, is acceptance.
It is acceptance of your current situation.
Taking action becomes a lot more sensible from that point.
When you submit, you open yourself up to fresh ideas and answers previously unavailable.

What Does Spiritual Surrender Mean?

Most people associate surrender with something negative: giving up, losing, being humiliated, or allowing yourself to be dominated or even imprisoned.
When used in a spiritual context, surrender also means to give up, but this time it means to give up anything that no longer serves you.
Surrender spiritually means ceasing to struggle against "what is," letting go of life's smallness and truly embracing its fullness.
Surrendering can look different, but at its core, it means letting go of attachments and ego-driven goals to connect with a greater force or truth.
This might be God, the universe, or a divine higher force in which you have faith.
When you submit, you give up your will and allow yourself to be directed by a power bigger than yourself.
This may be freeing and uplifting since it helps you to let go of your ego's grasp and live more thoroughly in the present moment.
Surrender spiritually ultimately seeks to become more open, real, and present in each moment.

Stages To Surrender Spiritually

The process of surrender spiritually leads us deep within ourselves.
It is a process of letting go of who we think we should be to embrace our genuine nature.
This journey does not happen immediately, and we go through several stages as we submit.
The following are the steps of the surrendering journey:


Every journey starts with a single step, and the path to surrender spiritually is no exception.
The first part of this journey is acknowledgment. This is when you realize you need a higher power in your life.
You may have reached rock bottom or be sick of battling alone.
Whatever the situation, this is the point at which you understand you want assistance, which is OK.


Resistance is the next step of the trip.
You may be terrified or uncertain about surrendering at this stage.
You may be concerned that you will lose control or that you will be unable to deal with what happens next.
All these worries are natural, and having them is fine.
The trick is not to let your anxieties prevent you from taking action.


After you've overcome your resistance, consider what surrender means to you.
Everyone interprets surrender differently, so you must take the time to discover what it means to you.
This is a moment to seek and comprehend, to ask questions, and to delve deeply.
You may feel compelled to investigate numerous spiritual ways, study various belief systems, or consult with a mentor or instructor.
Remember that there is no proper way to accomplish things, so trust your instincts and follow your heart.


The final step is self-surrender.
This is the point at which you finally let go of your ego and allow yourself to be directed by a higher force.
This may be a frightening and vulnerable experience, but it is also extremely liberating.
You may experience feelings of calm, love, and excitement that you had no idea were possible.
A man is standing on a cliff with a yellow and cloudy sky
A man is standing on a cliff with a yellow and cloudy sky

The Ability To Surrender

We open ourselves to a world of opportunity when we let go of our urge to control everything.
We become more adaptive and flexible as we roll with the punches and go with the flow.
We also grow more open to receiving advice from our higher powers, enabling us to obtain the assistance we need.
Surrendering might be frightening, but it is also very freeing.
It's a means of saying "yes" to life even when we're not sure what will happen next.
Consider surrendering if you are dealing with anything in your life and are unclear about what to do next.
It might be the most powerful thing you ever do.

Surrender: The Strength of the Spiritual Life

Difference Between Surrender And Non-Attachment

It might be tough to determine how to react in the face of hardship or struggle.
Should we fight tooth and nail to save what we have, or should we just let go and let things happen as they will?
On the surface, these two techniques seem to be diametrically opposed.
However, upon closer inspection, it is evident that they are two sides of the same coin.
Non-attachment is fundamentally about letting go of connection to results.
It is about realizing that life is always changing and that nothing remains constant forever.
When we detach, we let go of our attachment to how things should be and instead flow with whatever comes our way.
This is not to say that we don't care what happens; rather, we believe that whatever occurs will be for the best.
Surrender, on the other hand, is the act of ceasing to fight.
It is about accepting that we do not have control and that a greater force is at work.
When we submit, we relinquish our desire to control the circumstances and instead allow ourselves to be directed.
This doesn't mean that we give up our power. Instead, it means that we believe the universe has a plan for us.
The main difference between these two methods is that non-attachment means letting go of our attachment to results, while surrender means giving up the fight and accepting that we are not in control.

Surrendering Control

Allow yourself to let go of what you cannot control.
Life has a deeper flow to it.
We may be pulled along when we yield to that flow, to the Divine flow.
Although it might make things much simpler, we still need our paddle.
We still have to navigate our little boats, so we don't go aground or strike rocks in the river.
It is, however, considerably simpler than attempting to either dodge the flow (sitting on the riverside wondering why we never go anywhere) or paddle against it.
As a result, we learn to accept the way things are and yield to the currents.
Don't confuse surrender with giving up.
Think of surrender as a call to clear vision and the most profound and holy action you can think of.
A female is standing against a wall and looking down with blurred background
A female is standing against a wall and looking down with blurred background

How To Practice Surrender

Have Faith In Yourself

The first thing you need to sacrifice for your spiritualityis faith.
Believe that something bigger than yourself is at work in the universe; believe that this entity is good and works for your ultimate good.
This phase entails believing in something without proof and taking a leap of faith into the unknown.
However, if you have this trust, you will find letting go of your urge to control everything more straightforward.

Exercise Patience

Surrendering spirituality may seem to be a difficult job, but keep in mind that growth is a journey, not a destination.
It is important to be patient with yourself as you go along on your journey.
There will be obstacles along the path, but each stride forward brings you closer to your objective.
So have faith in the process and be kind to yourself while you let go of your spirituality.
The journey will be difficult, but it will be worthwhile.

Confront Your Fears

When we are terrified of something, we may want to flee from it.
To abandon spirituality, though, you must confront your anxieties.
Fear may help us learn about our limits and create a greater awareness of ourselves.
It may also be a tremendous motivator, encouraging us to expand beyond our comfort zones.
So, instead of fleeing from it, accept it, enter it, and discover what it can teach you.
Confronting your anxieties, you will become stronger and more capable of dealing with anything life throws at you.

Release Your Expectations

The journey to spirituality is full of unexpected turns.
Something comes along to question your views just when you think you've got it all figured out.
That is why it is essential to let go of expectations and be open to new experiences.
After all, being available to change is the only way to submit to spirituality completely.
You may allow yourself to submit to spirituality completely around you if you let go of your expectations.

Raise Your Level Of Awareness

It would help if you first broadened your consciousness in order to relinquish your divinity.
Only by seeing the world fresh in you expect to appreciate the beauty and wonder that lie beyond the physical realm.
There are several methods for increasing your awareness, but meditation, mindfulness, and prayer are among the most effective.
As you experiment with various strategies, you may discover that some work better than others.
The key is to keep an open mind and be eager to explore new things.
With a little effort, your spiritual horizons will begin to expand, allowing you to totally submit to your spirituality.

Listen To Your Instincts

As your consciousness grows, you will become aware of a voice inside you that has always been there but that you may have been ignoring until now.
This is your intuitionguiding you toward your ultimate good.
You must learn to listen to your intuition and believe it knows what is best for you to abandon spirituality.
When choosing, take what is best for you in intuition's direction. It may take you on unexpected but ultimately gratifying paths.

Release All Attachments

The spiritual path leads to liberation.
We begin by letting go of our ties to the material world and our ego-driven ambitions.
However, even after being allowed those things, we may still be drawn to certain spiritual beliefs or activities.
Perhaps we are tied to the concept of enlightenmentor a specific meditation technique.
Maybe we are addicted to the sensation of serenity and quiet that comes with spiritual understanding.
The goal is to let go of whatever we're connected to.
Because we are not fully free as long as we are linked to anything.
True liberation occurs when we can let go of everything, even our connection to spirituality.
A young woman in a flower field during sunset with spread arms
A young woman in a flower field during sunset with spread arms

People Also Ask

What Happens When We Surrender?

When we surrender, we give up, but not as we expect. We don't give up on or on the circumstance; instead, we give up on the idea that we should be able to handle the situation and have any influence over it. We let go of the fantasy that we can change reality from what it is.

What Does It Mean To Surrender To Divine?

This implies you should carry out your responsibilities in life rather than sitting there and believing that since you've resigned to the almighty, he'll take care of everything.
You must carry out your required responsibilities, give your all in everything, and then submit the consequences to God.

Why Is Surrender So Powerful?

When we submit, we hand up our ego and self-will to greater knowledge and understanding inside us—our higher self.
When we give in to our higher self, we let go of the painful illusions of certainty, dualism, and separation and accept the truth of uncertainty, connection, and oneness.

Why Is It Important To Surrender To God?

Being a committed disciple of Jesus Christ involves strength and wisdom. Still, more significantly, it necessitates giving over control of our lives once and for all to him, the Lord of all creation, who is the source of such strength and wisdom.


Spiritual surrender may be a challenging but ultimately rewarding process.
By following the steps mentioned above, you may begin to let go of your connection to the material world and open yourself to new spiritual experiences.
As a result, your life will become more calm, cheerful, and rewarding.
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