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Temperance Tarot Card Meaning - Major Arcana

If you want to get a more in-depth understanding of the temperance tarot card meaning, the following article will provide you with all the necessary information about it in detail just keep reading.

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If you want to get a more in-depth understanding of the temperance tarot card meaning, the following article will provide you with all the necessary information about it in detail just keep reading.
Can you keep yourself in a balanced condition at all times? For most of us, "No" is the correct response. People naturally look for harmony and balance in their life. It is a lovely sensation to find it.
The Temperance tarotcard may appear in reading for various reasons. However, it commonly occurs when your angelic guardians want you to realize the following. It is the Major Arcana tarot deck's fourteenth (#14) trump.
You have the capacity to find pleasure and tranquility despite difficulties. The three things you'll need most are perseverance, patience, and a clear grasp of what you actually want.

Temperance Tarot Card Meaning And Significance

The winged angel seen on the Temperance Tarot card is a representation of both male and female energy.
This angel is shown as having a sky-blue garment with an image of a triangle encircled by a square on it. Here, the enclosed triangle stands for people who are constrained by the square-shaped natural laws of planet Earth.
It is symbolic of the necessity to be grounded and in the present that the angel has one foot on the rock formation and the other in the water. She metaphorically embodies the flow and alchemy of life as she divides water between two cups.
The image on the Temperance card represents the road of life as it meanders toward a mountainous location in the backdrop. A golden crown that is situated far above the mountains serves as a reminder to follow a higher path and to be true to one's core values.

Temperance Tarot Keywords

Here are some of the key phrases connected with the Temperance tarot card before we go further into its upright and inverted meanings.
  • Upright - Balance, Patience, Search for Meaning, Moderation, Endurance
  • Reversed - Imbalance, Excess, Loss of Balance, Extremity, Indulgence
  • Numerology - 14
  • Planet - Jupiter
  • Element - Fire
  • Yes or No - Yes
  • Astrological Zodiac Sign - Sagittarius

Temperance Upright Card Meaning And Guide

The Temperance tarot card exhorts you to conduct your everyday affairs with steadiness, patience, and temperance.
You are being urged to stabilize your energy and allow the life force to flow through you effortlessly and without resistance. You can get there by using your spiritual connection. Whatever name you give it, what is important is that you experience it, connect with it, and allow it to permeate your daily life.
It's time to get your life back on course and in step with the universe's inherent flow. All you need is a dash of spirituality, some optimistic thinking, and the capacity to let go of things that are no longer beneficial to you.
This card advises you to remain calm even when confronted with a tense or frantic circumstance. Keep your emotions under control and your rage under control. You are an expert at maintaining composure in stressful situations.
Nothing bothers you and knocks you off balance since you appear to have an inexhaustible amount of patience. If you have a sound appreciation for balance and harmony, your life will go more smoothly and you'll be happier.
The Temperance card suggests that you should be open to making concessions and take into account the opinions of others. We don't need a strong viewpoint or a subject of disagreement right now.
Think of yourself as the peacekeeper and use a moderate attitude. Bring together individuals from various origins and cultures to foster a spirit of collaboration and oneness. When you collaborate, you may benefit from the many experiences, competencies, and talents that each of you brings to the table.
Alchemy is based on temperance. The Temperance card is really about "blending" or "fusion." The significance of this Tarot card lies in the notion of producing something that is greater than the sum of its parts.
A mixed family is one example of "blending," as is a bartender who creates novel and inventive drinks, a chef who combines several cuisines, or an artist who combines many mediums or methods.
The Temperance card suggests that you are also thinking about the long term. You take your time to ensure that you do the task well. You're not moving too quickly. As a consequence, you've made the decision to pursue your ambitious objectives in a more measured and balanced manner.
In the end, this card denotes a great degree of comprehension and knowledge. You have acquired substantial knowledge as a consequence of your present circumstance, and you are comfortable with your employment. Your inner voice, which is directing you in the correct route, is being attentively listened to.

Temperance Reversed Card Meaning And Guide

If you recently went through a time of excesses, the Temperance Reversed card encourages you to restore balance or moderation as soon as you can, or occasionally warns you to do so. Did you overindulge in alcohol or junk food? Was there tension in your family's connection with you? Were you thinking negatively at the time?
You are being drawn away from who you truly are and what your purpose in being is by these pursuits. Let's call it a day now. "Moderation is vital, as they say," In the event that you are unable to end the destructive behaviors and take back control of your life, even complete abstinence may be required.
It's also possible that the Reversed Temperance card represents a sensation that something is off in your life. At times, it has a really strange feeling. Wait for a second! a little voice inside of you niggles. It's not quite going the way you had hoped it would. There's a problem with everything here! You may continue as long as you don't pay attention.
Nevertheless, heed the Reversed Temperance's caution: unless you start paying attention, messages from the universe will become louder and louder.
Alternatively, you might begin focusing on it immediately away and begin making the necessary modifications to return to the flow. Try to align your daily activities with your larger purpose and long-term aim.
The Reversed Temperance Tarot card may represent a period of self-evaluation and re-evaluation of your life and goals. Your daily existence may not be in line with how you feel attracted to live in your head.
Bring your inner and outer worlds into harmony to make the most of this moment. Your lifestyle, living circumstances, relationships, career, and other daily rituals may need to change as a result of your new objectives.
Don't be surprised if you experience uneasiness or even conflict while you work to bring your inner self and the outer world into alignment.
The Temperance Reversed card may also be seen as an invitation to profound self-healing. You open the door to genuine healing when you live a life with greater steadiness and moderation. When the Temperance card reverses, it means you're handling things alone, without any outside help. You have the power to heal yourself and create more "flow" in your life.

Reading The Temperance Tarot For Love And Relationships

In reading for love or relationships, the Temperance card and the Lovers tarot card create a wonderful combo. The Temperance card represents a happy relationship that is on the horizon.
If you're single, don't be shocked if the right person comes along. Your relationship is going to reach a whole new level if you already have a special someone.
When there are frequent problems in a marriage or relationship, you will need to take a different approach than what is currently being used. When things don't work out, we start blaming our partners and complaining about everything.
It is useless to try to convince someone else since we lack the authority to do it. Things must be carried out with compassion and love.
The Temperance tarot card advises putting pride aside in order to find a compromise rather than escalating the issue. Encouraging collaboration with your spouse may make all the difference, even if you are the one who has to apologize.

Temperance Yes Or No Tarot Reading

When seen in a yes-or-no reading, the Temperance tarot represents equilibrium and assurance. If you've made the decision to act and are prepared to do so, move cautiously.
Emotional immaturity and irresponsibility are risky because they raise the possibility of costly errors. Temperance may represent a "Yes" in a "yes-or-no" tarot reading. But before moving on, remember to use your instincts as well.

Temperance Card In Money And Career Tarot Reading

Avoid large professional changes, expensive purchases, exotic travel, dangerous investments, and so forth during this time.
In your job or money (financial) reading, the temperance card, which represents balance, will appear when things are becoming lavish and out of your control. It suggests that you start taking much better care of your money affairs.
What is it if so? How well do you now manage your time and resources? What goals do you have for the near future? If you can't respond to these inquiries, here is an excellent place to start.
If you have a specific objective in mind, patience is a virtue you should practice. Hard work and devotion are just as vital as having good timing. Take a step back and think about every aspect of what you're attempting to do.
Close that unfinished business, take that new employment offer, or make that investment when the moment is right. Before you begin, be sure you have thought through everything.

Temperance Tarot Card In Health And Spirituality Reading

The temperance card often represents both present and future health. When physiological or psychological well-being is a worry in health/spiritual readings, the Temperance Tarot card suggests a problem with moderation.
The Temperance card suggests avoiding dangerous substances including alcohol, drugs, fast food, and other unhealthy eating practices. It suggests that a state of equilibrium may be possible.
As a consequence, you'll feel better and have more energy. When used in conjunction with the Fool tarot card, it denotes unexpected healing and renewal.

Drawing Temperance Card In Tarot Reading

Time to conclude the temperance tarot interpretation. If the temperance card came up in your spread, I think you'll find serenity and contentment even in the middle of adversity.
Even while I value every comment, I'll also share the most often asked questions on the Temperance card meanings and other tarot card-related subjects.

People Also Ask

What Does Temperance Reversed Card Mean?

A reversed temperance card portends trouble. You're out of balance. Reversed temperance may also signify moderation.

What Is The Meaning Of A Temperance Tarot Card?

The temperance tarot card cautions you against going to extremes. The angel counsels against making a direct approach. Trust your gut and strike the ideal balance.

What Does Temperance Tarot Card Mean In Love Reading?

Temperance in a love reading represents peaceful, mutually beneficial partnerships. If you're single, you could meet your match.

Is Temperance A Yes Or No Card?

Temperance doesn't say anything in a yes or no tarot reading. Hasty judgments or unwarranted risks might lead to catastrophic blunders. Temperance is a 'yes' if you can follow your intuition.


The article’s goal is to provide you with a better understanding of the temperance tarot card meaning. We would be very interested in hearing from you about whatever is on your mind. Please comment below, we would love to respond to you.
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